By Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

A 29 year old young medical practitioner, Dr. Elvin Barffour Frempong-Manso, has made the Ghanaian community in Toronto-Canada proud by successfully going through 15 years studies to become a doctor of Chiropractic.

Dr. Elvin Frempong-Manso, who went to University of Oklahoma and Michigan after his High School education to offer medical sciences-human anatomy chemistry, physics and other courses, said his success came about as a result of the moral support he received from his parents and other people in the community.

He complained of high tuition fees charged by various institutions which make it very difficult for many young guys to pursue courses in higher learning which must be addressed by governments since the youth are the future leaders.

Dr. Elvin Frempong Manso, observed that parents have enormous roles to play in their children's future. Instead of limiting a child's aspirations they should rather facilitate them with support and encouragement adding every child has a gift but it is for the parents to facilitate it for the whole world to see.

“It is an incredible deterrent when you want to become a lawyer and has to pay 80,000 dollars or pay 60,000 dollars to study engineering. That is one aspect where the government can assist society further by making tuition costs affordable” he noted.

He stated that the youth need a wake up call since it is not cool being a gangster but better of when one achieves success in education and live a sound life legally. Accordingly, Ghanaians have an incredible amount of pride that is why we dominate in so many things that we do.

Accordingly, that same attitude gave Ghanaians the power to become one of Africa's great nations and it is the same attitude we need to exhibit everyday until then we will just continue to blend in, but not stand out.

Very Reverend Jacob William French of the Ghana Methodist Church of Toronto said the church was proud of Dr. Frempong Manso for having dedicated 15 years to stages of studies to become a full medical practitioner.

The minister of God said, the chiropractic doctor's academic success serves as inspiration to many youth both in the church and in the Ghanaian community at large as many people use to talk about the negatives” but thank God they can see the positives now of what the Ghanaian youth can achieve to become leaders in the future.

Pix: Dr. Elvin Frempong Barffour Frempong Manso second from left, his mother and Rev. French in celebrating the success.

According to him, it is true that many of the Ghanaian youth do not want to go to school in overseas countries blaming the governments and various public institutions for making systems very difficult for the school going youth to do so.

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.

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