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The Messy Mess In South Africa!

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30 June 2010 | South Africa

WITH THE Black Stars inspiring every Ghanaian with that splendid display in the World Cup, this normally should not be the time to complain about negative governance.

It is that rare time in the life of this relatively young nation, when all Ghanaians must doff their hats to the gallant men who have drawn attention to the occupants of the centre of the earth as adherents of the global game.

To be counted among the eight best nations on the earth, is no mean achievement. The Black Stars have done all Africa proud.

There is every indication that inspired by the goal scoring ability of Asamoah Gyan, the scheming prowess of Prince-Kevin Boateng, Andre Dede Ayew, Sulley Muntari and all the adroit midfielders, with acting skipper John Mensah, John Paintsil and the other pillars of defenders shielding Richard Kingson, certainly, one of the best shot stoppers in the global game, there is no reason why Ghana should not advance the African cause further than the two quarter-final berths standing in the name of Africa in the World Cup.

I have every confidence that the Black Stars will play in the semi-finals, which should inspire all Ghanaians to look at the brighter side of life. Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of a government that could inspire confidence even when the Ghanaian is on cloud nine.

The shambolic manner the National Democratic Congress administration handled the support base of the Black Stars in South Africa, tells much about the incompetence of people who were thrust into leadership roles of this society, completely unprepared.  To the NDC, everything Ghanaian must wear the discredited colours of the NDC.

That could be the only reason why those who really keep the support base of Ghana football boiling were left at home while the so-called foot-soldiers of the Umbrella were sent to Nelson Mandela's South Africa to disgrace mankind.

 It is a shame that someone like Grace Ashey, the unofficial head of the Black Stars support base, was left at home while crime-suspects were sent to block public roads and bring the reputation of Ghana as a nation of decent dwellers, into disrepute.

I am getting the vibes that Grace Ashey was refused a trip to South Africa apparently because officials  at the Kokomlemle head office of the ruling party  had decided that the  Black Stars cheer leaders' hit song, 'Owura Yesu ei, Nea Adu Yi Dea Gyese  Woba Mu' is not politically correct.

If they realize that Ghanaians are crying for salvation because the governance has been reduced to non-performance, suffering and arbitrariness, the only solution is for those occupying Government House to change track and not to victimize those trying hard to inspire a moribund society to move forward

I have always stated that the NDC in power is bad news. I have no regrets for stating the obvious.  The handling of the 2010 World Cup support base for the national team vindicates my position.

I am informed that Abraham Boakye, alias One-Man Supporter, was also sidelined from the South African trip. I do not need any ghost to hazard a guess.

Those at the Kokomlemle office of the party might not have caught a regular sight of him telling lies, lies and more lies in advancing the cause of Umbrella politics.

Mr. Boakye has over the years toured the world with national soccer teams from Under 17, through to Under 20, the Olympic team, and to the Black Stars, raising the flag of Ghana.

He long broached the idea of a support base for Ghanaian soccer teams long before others conceived the idea of using the support base of the various  national teams,  to amass wealth.

When I saw on television, the figure of Safo Abrebrese, who caught wide publicity, not too long ago, for allegedly duping soccer fans eager to travel to cheer the national soccer team, among fans in South Africa, I told a number of friends that this nation has gone to the dogs.

If this nation is not a play thing for dogs, how could the NDC in government, deny entry to South Africa for genuine Ghanaian soccer fans, in favour of foot-soldiers of the party , whose trademark over the years has been visiting violence on those perceived not to be abreast with Umbrella politics.

It is not a thousand years ago, when toilets were seized in the name of party agents. It is not a million light years ago, when foot-soldiers violently took over offices belonging to the state.

The ordeal of former party chairman, who was physically prevented from getting up at that infamous party congress at Legon, is a reference point.


Some of us have not forgotten the machete and other offensive raids at the head office of the National Electoral Commission in the run-up to the 0.3 electoral triumph of the NDC, which brought President John Evans Atta-Mills to power. To state that foot-soldiers of the NDC are violent is to state that the white man has clothes. After all, he sleeps with pajamas.

Parliament has a duty to summon the Minister of Local Government to explain how it became embroiled in sending NDC hooligans to mess up the name of Ghana in South Africa.

This nation has always prided itself as the oasis of peace in a volatile region. The peace we enjoy in Ghana is the prime reason our gallant soldiers and policemen are in demand at almost all conflict areas of the world.

For foot-soldiers of the party to go to South Africa, block roads, and engage in other acts of hooliganism, apparently because those who organized the trip had decided to exploit them for their own gains, is an affront to the dignity of this nation, which led Black Africa to independence on March 6, 1957.

I am told that in South Africa, the party card was more important than the ability to raise the flag of Ghana. Party agents, I am told, were asking of constituency membership instead of being followers of the game in this land of our birth.

Imagine the bemusement of South Africans rendering service to Ghanaian football fans and being asked such a vexing question: “When we were campaigning vigorously in 2008 to bring the NDC into government, where were you?”

Ironically, in the field of football, politics is required to stay away. It is not part of the activities that make it possible for more qualified people to be denied access to jobs, while square pegs try to fit round holes in the political game.

We have all been disgraced by the NDC thugs. But brace up for very funny explanations from men and women who have official briefs for telling lies to mislead the populace. 

Expect Richard Quashigah, his deputy, as well as ten regional officers and their assistants, who have official briefs for lying to the state so that the NDC would look good in the eyes of the electorate to go on the offensive.

Lying and misleading are their trademarks and they would tell all sorts of lies as the NDC try to wriggle out of the quagmire of the supporters' misbehavior in South Africa.

It is a shame that at the time we should all be discussing the laudable achievements of the Black Stars among the elites of the global game, one had to draw in the negativity recorded in the name of this nation of ours, in South Africa.

One cheerful news is that in the midst of all the confusion, the Black Stars are riding high. On Friday, I expect a tight game against the first Champions of World Football – Uruguay.

The South Americans would put the defence of Ghana under serious examination, especially with Jonathan Mensah absent as a result of the second yellow card he picked in the glorious 2-1 victory over the United States.

The absence of Andre Dede Ayew is also likely to affect the organization of the attacking machinery. I expect Sulley Muntari, a veteran of the global game, to fill that role.

I will like to see Quincy Owusu-Abayie in at one point in time to run at the Uruguayan defence.  It would also not be out of place to suggest the presence of Dominic Adiyah, top scorer in the Under 20 World Cup, to come in earlier to run at the opposing defenders.

Coach Milovan Rejavic has done well in shoring up the defence with rapid counter attack. But I am not a fan of his one-man top game.

It puts Asamoah Gyan under unnecessary pressure and leaves him worn-out before the end of the game.  He has so far done well for himself. But he should not continue to be isolated all the time upfront.

Ghanaians expect. I have every feeling that the Black Stars will deliver.  Let the merry making continue at the centre of the earth.

I hope, though, that those celebrating Black Stars' victory would do so with moderation. There is no point celebrating all the way into the grave. It is better to be late in celebrating than to be labeled the late!

By Ebo Quansah

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