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26.10.2002 General News

Fisherman Goes In For Rape

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Aflao - Seth Azaglo-Nyatepe, a fisherman, has been sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment by the Aflao Circuit Court for defiling a 12-year old school pupil of Anyako in the Keta district.

Azaglo-Nyatepe, who was dismissed from the Police Service in 1976, pleaded not guilty.

The accused feigned insanity when he first appeared before the court a week earlier and wept when Mr Francis Opoku, presiding Judge, pronounced sentence.

Chief Inspector of Police, Opoku Ansong, told the court that Azaglo-Nyatepe lived in two-storeyed apartment in the same vicinity with the victim.

On October 5, Azaglo-Nyatepe took advantage of the absence from home of the victim’s parents and invited her upstairs under the pretext of asking her to run an errand for him, but instead, forcibly had sex with her.

The prosecutor said Azaglo-Nyatepe escaped to Abolove, a nearby village, but was later arrested upon a tip off.

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