13.04.2010 Regional News

Kofi Ghana dares SFO…to find out real thieves at KMA

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AFTER BRANDING the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) as jokers who are only fit to entertain Ghanaians in the absence of comedians, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) firebrand Member of Parliament (MP) for Asokwa in Kumasi, Mr. Maxwell Kofi Jumah, has dared the SFO to work and find out the real thieves in the system, if they know how to.

He has tasked the state investigative machinery to look out for the real economic saboteurs at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA).

The former KMA boss says if the SFO knows its work, it will not take it long to find out that the crooks (thieves) are still at the KMA

The Asokwa legislator told listeners of Nhyira FM last week Thursday that the ruling NDC government was wasting time to prosecute former ministers of the Kufuor administration, including Dr. Akoto Osei and Dr. Anane, because the trial, which he described as politically motivated, would come to naught.

MP Jumah, who had suggested that any member of the previous administration found guilty of corrupt practices must be prosecuted, stood his grounds regarding his statement.

Asked by the host, Kofi Asante, about allegations leveled against him while he was the KMA boss by various audit reports, Mr. Jumah stunned the host when he replied that it was nonsensical for anybody to accuse him of any wrongdoing, because they were unfounded and baseless.

Mr. Jumah would rather not comment on an alleged GH¢35.00 housing and embossment fees collected from residents and drivers, because he was not aware of any such allegations.

The MP and member of the Alan 'Cash' Campaign team, pleaded with the media not to entertain such nonsense, but rather help their listenership and readership, particularly, and the members of the public in general, to make informed and discerning decisions about issues.

According to him, nobody had brought any charges against him, and that the best investigators would exonerate him if they conducted investigation into his tenure of office, to attest to his assertions.

“The FBI, Scotland Yard, the BNI and National Security, as well as Israeli Intelligence, would even find out that KMA owes me,” he said.

Beside himself with rage, the law maker challenged the SFO to fish out the real thieves who are amassing wealth left, right, and centre at the KMA.

“The crooks are still in KMA,” he said, and directed the SFO to do their work, and not bother innocent citizens with persecutions and prosecution.

The MP, who could not mention the names of the perceived “crooks at KMA,” also declined to lodge an official complaint as suggested by the host, because that was the job for state investigators and detectives.

He said the best he could do, was to alert the public about going-ons at the KMA, for the SFO to take up the challenge.

“If they (SFO) know their job, and want to work, they should go to the KMA,” he dared the investigative machinery.

Mr. Jumah also recommended sanctions against party members who spoke ill of former President Kufuor, who he described as a gem, and cannot be denigrated, saying, “he is an asset to the party, and must be protected at all cost.”

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