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13.04.2010 Press Statement

The youth should stop the attack on our leaders

By Afari Jones Junior
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First of all let's be honest. All political supporters are naughty sometimes and some are naughty a lot of the time. But misbehavior to the extent of threatening government appointees (their own leaders) is a bad thing. As party supporters we are saddened by the conduct of some foot-soldiers in the party. Even some naughty opposition party supporters have continued to take advantage of the situation to attack our government appointees to gain public favor.

It cannot be fair for you to be attacking appointees and even party leaders. You cannot go on calling your own leaders names and to the extent of threatening them when you have the capacity to fight them by following the due process in the party.

It's time to STOP THE INDISCIPLINE! Social Democrats don't behave that way, you know the right thing. Do it and stop the madness. You are not the only supporters in the party. Should everyone thinks of doing this (attacking our appointees), where are we heading to then? What message does that send to the younger generation?

However, the government and our party leaders should know better their responsibilities. It is the inactive and malfunctioning of our party executives and some government officials that led to all these chaos in the system. They should know that these people cannot just be making these agitations here and there if there is nothing wrong.

Motivate them, inspire them and train them. That's your responsibilities. Assign them to work and let them be busy whether you will see them again disturbing you. They need something and they are not getting it. Sit them down and ask them of their problems and talk to them. What else can you do than that?

Look, you made some promises to them and you are not fulfilling it. That is some of the causes. Let's do the right thing so we can sustain power 2012 easily.

Thank you.
Afari Jones Junior
TEIN President Accra Poly
Kwame Awadze

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