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22.10.2002 Tabloid News

Police Sniff Out Shoe Fetish In Mans Attic

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Israeli police have arrested a computer programmer who gets his kicks by stealing and sniffing the shoes and socks of female colleagues.

Police found 205 pairs of ladies shoes, as well as socks and items of underwear, hidden in the attic of the 33-year-old married man, a spokeswoman for the Sharon region police department disclosed on Thursday.

“He would take the keys of his co-workers, make copies and then go to their houses when they weren’t home,” the spokeswoman observed “We also found ladies underwear, but mainly it was shoes and socks.”

The man was caught after 14 women reported missing shoes. A private investigation agency planted one of their own female detectives as a new employee at the high-tech company where the man worked.

The police spokeswoman noted that the man got sexually aroused by smelling the shoes and that he swapped stories and shoes over the Internet with others who have the same fetish.

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