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28.06.2002 Gossips

President Kufuor Sells Ghana to Germany

By NPP Deep Throat
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There is one aspect of the Kufuor trip to Germany that was not reported by the press:

Ghana was "forced" to accept a proposal from the German state of Hamburg, to allow the repatriation of illegal African immigrants to Ghana. Ghana will serve as a transit point for these rejected assylum seekers.

In exchange for the acceptance, Ghana was relieved of some of her debts and a $30million loan was granted for the Accra-Kumasi road. Probably, some money was also paid to some members of the govt....

The deal which was agreed during the three-day official visit of president Kufuor to Germany, was not announced to the media. If it works out with Hamburg, it will be extended to the whole of Germany

The first group of refugess will arrive some time in early July

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