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15 February 2010 | Diaspora (Italy)


Kirk-Mensal (Italy chapter)

Sunday 14th February 2010 was a day the N.D.C Italy chapter will never forget, the day was a Valentines day, it was supposed to be a happy day for all, the loved and beloved, especially those of us living in Italy because Valentine originated from Italy, it is referred in “Italian” as San Valentino.

Instead to most of us of NDC extract, it was rather a sad day. Very sad indeed!

As early as 7am telephone calls started being circulated, a call came in from Ghana, announcing the catastrophic accident that has befallen our dear father, JJ Rawlings and his entire family. What a pity. Oh! Why should this happen to the Rawllingses?

Oh my god! Oh, How? Why? These were the responses of many, when they hear the bad and worrisome news.

What can we say as a chapter, its sad, it is unfortunate but the bible answers it all. It makes us aware that we should give him thanks in everything...

On behalf of the chapter we say, thank you God that the was no casualty. What will have happened to us if a member of this precious family was affected ...the enemy wishes evil but the lord has saved them ..God we thank you.

We the entire members as well as the interim executives say, sorry to the former first family. We sympathise and bear with the founder of our party his Excellency, former President J.J. Rawllings and his family, for the immense loses incurred and above all for the moral destabilization they are going through at this critical moment. We want you to know that your pain is our pain and your happiness is our happiness.

We the Chapter are willing to help, in the fullness of our capacity, so as to restore some form of normality to the Rawllingses family.

Mean while we want to appeal to the Ghana Government, and its Security apparatus (National Security, the B.N.I, Ghana Police Service, Ghana National Fire Service, etc) to lunch a thorough investigation into the sad incident, for all Ghanaians know the cause of the fire outbreak.

For the safety of our former president and Founder of the NDC party is paramount and fundamental to us.

From: Kirk-Mensal (Italy chapter)
: [email protected]

quot-img-1They are preaching about Education,schools and Hospitals but they are building Prisons.

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