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11.02.2010 General News

Ghanaian youth must be wary of politicians

By Daily Graphic
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The President of the Dagbon Youth Association, Mr Ibrahim Tanko, has advised Ghanaian youth, particularly those in Dagbon, to be wary of politicians who will use them for their selfish gains and later leave them to their fate.

He said those who had better chances of going to school must do so, while those who felt they could not must get themselves something meaningful to do.

In an interview, Mr Tanko, who is an MBA student at the Heriot Watt University in the United Kingdom, said his advice had become necessary in view of the fact that some politicians were using the youth for their own selfish interests and to amass wealth for themselves and their families.

"Some of the youth go to the extent of saying that they will die for their MPs, for no apparent good cause," he noted, and expressed regret at the fact that many politicians would not teach the youth how to fish for their sustainable livelihood but wanted the youth to come to them for GH¢20.

He also observed that many politicians had their children studying abroad, adding, "I am calling on all youth to support the campaign to expose sycophantic and selfish politicians in the country."

He said education was the key to everything, saying that people would listen to and admire the youth if they had education and knew what they talked about.

On the Dagbon crisis, Mr Tanko said some political leaders who had no good plans for the area were pushing Dagbon youth to create tension in Dagbon.

"There can be no peace in Dagbon if we fail to realise that politicians are enemies of our progress.

He said such politicians must be exposed because they sought their selfish gains and were not there working in the interest of the Northern Region.

"I want them to explain to us how they disbursed their MPs common fund, I ask my fellow youth how many of them have had scholarship to study in the country or abroad like the children of politicians are doing," he stated.

He said most of the problems facing the country were coming from politicians and cited chieftaincy disputes as an example.

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