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21.01.2010 Business & Finance

Vodafone Launches New Campaign

By Daily Graphic
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Vodafone Ghana has launched a new advertising campaign that emphasises the Vodafone network as the network that places quality at the forefront of its operations.

It is based on three themes: “Instant Connection”, “Uninterrupted Calls” and “Crystal Clear Sound”. Briefing the media, Paul Ryan, Director of External Affairs, Vodafone Ghana, said Vodafone stood for quality and was constantly aiming at developing the most effective network in Ghana.

The three different ads are shot in high quality definition and capture the true Ghanaian culture and atmosphere and traditional nuances.

“We are a service business and want customers to experience best quality service, instead of seeing us as just a provider of hardware. Vodafone strives to stand by its customers every inch of the way and ensure that our service is instant, uninterrupted and crystal clear”, Mr Ryan said.

He noted that the total customer base of the company had risen tremendously over the last one-and-half years from 1.6 million to a current figure of over 2.6 million active customers by the end of September last year and expressed the hope that ”all these customers will have nothing but quality service”.

Mr Ryan indicated that in a number of Vodafone research projects, customers in Ghana prioritised their need for quality. Vodafone aims to be the best in this regard.

Uche Ofodile, Vodafone Ghana Head of Strategy and Brand, said Vodafone Ghana was implementing a series of customer focused activities that would ensure that the network quality of the company and other indicators would enable Vodafone to become the choice of every Ghanaian.

Vodafone is currently vying for second place with TIGO.  Being first is the ultimate goal. She admitted it will not be an easy task, “but it is a target we have set ourselves and we will get there.”

Vodafone has so far invested $600 million in the transformation of infrastructure and has network quality as its number one priority.

The advertising campaign is now running and highly visible during the current African Cup of Nations which Vodafone is also sponsoring.  Share Your Thoughts on this article Name Email Location Comments Graphic Ghana may edit your comments and not all comments will be published

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