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18.01.2010 Benin

Bagudu’s diatribe against University of Benin’s Vice Chancellor; an expression of intellectual leprosy- being a statement by the Benin National Congress, 13th January 2010.

By Edo Benin
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As a critical stakeholder in the wellbeing and continuous existence of the University of Benin, we naturally have a duty to distill every publication or documented events made FOR or AGAINST the management of the Ivory Tower with a view to placing the facts in the right banner of history. This is the context with which we have resolved at an extra-ordinary meeting on Sunday 10th January 2010 to give one Mr. Ernest Bagudu a fourteen days ultimatum to retract the libelous publication published in The Nation newspaper of 7th January 2010 and addressed against the honorable vice chancellor of UNIBEN or he will bring on himself the full wrath of the Benin people.; even as we vow to expose the names and addresses of his sponsors in the media.

Firstly, we like to posit that the article was maliciously articulated and diabolically edited by Mr. Bagudu's sponsors. It is very obvious that the author of the infantile article was cut in the web of argument from ignorance fallacy as he was neither a partaker in the screening process nor did he partook in the contest for the post of the Vice Chancellor where Prof. O.G. Oshodin emerged as the substantive Vice chancellor on the 30th of November. It is very clear that either the author wrote to attract the financial sympathy of Prof. Obaseki-Eboh and his godfathers or he wrote the article to ignite a wave of confusion in the federal institution, and this in our judgment amounts to intellectual leprosy because its intent and purposes is to destabilize the University of Benin administration and himself does not stand any chance of benefitting from the conflict.

It is very clear that the activities of fifth columnists like Bagudu provoked the Benin National Congress to stage a procession on the 7th of September 2009 in UNIBEN to protest against the perceived and real enemies of Due-Process in the count-down to selection of a substantive V.C. for the institution. The Governing council led by Dr. Tobi conscientiously and thoroughly organized the screening process and found Prof. O.G. Oshodin to be first, the best and most credible candidate, hence he was declared by consensus as the Vice chancellor elect. It is therefore embarrassing a situation in which some paid pen practioners maliciously frame tissues of lies with a view to painting the towering-image of the University of Benin V.C. in bad light; this is to say the least an unprovoked attack against the sensibilities of the Binis whom have patiently waited in the face of glaring marginalization for forty years of being a host community to UNIBEN before producing its first indigenous vice chancellor. To portray Prof. Obaseki-Eboh as the winner of the screening exercise is the cheapest and hallowed blackmail of the year 2010 in the print media; and a futile attempt to cast aspersion on the indefatigable integrity of the chairman and members of the university's governing council.

Save for the patriotic roles played by His Royal Majesty- the Oba of Benin, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole- Governor of Edo State, Senator Ehigie Uzamere, Mr. Iyobosa Edebiri MON and other pan Benin personalities, the due-process which the good people of Benin have earnestly yearned for in the last forty years over the appointment of VC in UNIBEN would had eluded us in the last exercise, hence we are bent at resisting any attempt to malign or cause disacfection by anyone no matter how highly placed in Nigeria. We are committed to the promotion of peace and social justice in the University of Benin at all times; and we owe no one an apology for this resolve..

We wish to place on record, that we have it on good authority that Mr. Bagudu is faceless, and he will be unmarked soon by the Benin National Congress and the Law enforcement agencies. Malicious pen-professionals like Bagudu have no reason to live in peace in this country if we are desirous of moving forward as a nation; as a socio-cultural organization, the Benin National Congress has always aligned with populist opinions on national and state issues not minding whose ox is gored, hence it is with consternation that we read Bagudu's diatribe and wish to call him to order before he is finally exposed; and by the grace of God almighty and the ancestors of our land, no efforts will be spared in achieving this goal

Mr. Omowemwen Imadiyi- Vice President- Administration

Mr. Osaze Erhiamatoe- Secretary General
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