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17.01.2010 Feature Article

POEM: The outcome of the NDC congress, good or bad?

POEM: The outcome of the NDC congress, good or bad?
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Calmly the congress progressed
In maturity and tolerance
For each other's views
Unity and strength, the party embraced
The process flawless
And the outcome, without brawl
But then wait…….
The nameless
The one who cannot be named, has not lost control of his party

As he feared he would
His influence, now stronger
With his people in place
Founded on his sweat, sealed with his blood
Demonstrated, in his commanding mood, after the declaration

His posture saying “I'm in charge”
Their silence, an acceptance
Evident as they were ordered for the photographs
He commanding , as a commander would his troops
Ready to do his bidding
How sad…
Or should I say, joyous
Regrets I'm sure the president will have
For the NDC may well be heading back to those dark days

I might be wrong
And not being fair
If not uncharitable
And the face of the party may continue to change for the better

Respecting the media, rule of law, human rights, freedom of speech

Charting the path of democracy and deepening it
Wherein lies its sustenance and salvation
The age of radicalism and authoritarianism is gone
With it, its founders and followers
Ghana has evolved
The voters, refined
And will seek leaders of peace, whose utterances unite

As one people we are
Our destiny we share
I hope …
That the reformists will lead
Consensus building, the rule
And tolerance the measure
Of the outcome of the congress
Kwame Mepeasem
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