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11.01.2010 Research Findings

We Are Clean

By Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Selase Kove-Seyram
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Owners of the huge consignment of rice, which arrived into the country on board MV Stefanis and was reportedly considered as unfit for human consumption, have shown some documentation to The New Crusading GUIDE which indicated that some portions of the rice and not the entire consignment were contaminated.

Speaking to The New Crusading GUIDE reporter , Chiraz Gany, categorically denied initial reports that the whole consignment of rice was rejected in two countries before the final arrival in Ghana, since tests conducted by Sierra Leonean Health Authorities indicated that only portions of the UNPL EMATA MYANMAR RICE was found to be bad.

This claim contradicts the facts in a letter obtained by this paper, under the official stamp of Meat & Food inspection Division of Freetown, which recommended that “the UNPL EMATA MYANMAR RICE be surrendered to the Health Department for safe and sanitary Destruction”.

“Although little portions of the rice had caked, the rice examined by the Ghana Standards Board (GSB) was proven to be wholesome. I am therefore surprised that out of the lot of wholesome rice in my vessel, the Food and Drugs Board was only interested in the caked portions which were separated in one of the hatches, as against the majority which is wholesome. It is a normal process that if you were shipping huge consignments of rice, little portions would cake as it happened in my instance”, Chiraz Gany stated.

He calls as “strange” the impression that the whole consignment, rather than some portions had gone bad and suspects that these are attempts by some people to sabotage his consignment.

This brings into question a copy of the letter obtained by this paper from the Sierra Leonean Meat & Food inspection division, which formed the basis of our earlier story.

On the letter, Chiraz Gany was equally surprised since he showed documentary evidence to prove that it was only portions that had gone bad.

Interestingly, the same Sierra Leonean Meat & Food inspection division which gave documentation to Chiraz Gany issued the document mentioned above of which this paper has a copy. The big question is: who issued those contradictory documents at the Sierra Leonean Meat & Food Inspection Division?

The New Crusading GUIDE is waiting for a letter from the Sierra Leonean Health Authorities to reconcile the contradictions in the letter obtained by this paper and the one in the possession of owners of the UNPL EMATA MYANMAR rice.

Meanwhile, Ahmed, a businessman who bought some of the UNPL EMATA MYANMAR rice in Sierra Leone, confirmed to The New Crusading GUIDE that the rice he took stock of was “very wholesome” and expressed interest in getting some more from the company.


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