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07.01.2010 Diaspora (Belgium)


By Opong Derrick-PRO (Kwahuman Belgium Community)
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Antwerp-Belgium—The members of Belgium chapter of Kwahuman Europe Association rounded-off their 2009 annual year celebration with a party and lecture themed: 'UNITING OKWAHUMAN CITIZENS IN BUILDING A BETTER GHANA'.

The occasion drew people from all walks of life, including Ghana-Ba President, Mr. Kwaku Boamah who paid a courtesy call on members to mark the memorable occasion.

In an address, The Chief of Okwahu society in Belgium, Nana Okotwerebuo Ampadu who was the chairperson for the program, advice the members to live exemplary lives as Christ did, and project Ghana's rich cultural image in the European community.

He said, “Christmas time is a reminder of the good deeds of Christ which the people should copy to lead exemplary lives.

“Not everyone had the chance to live to see this glorious moment in the lives of all people; we must therefore be thankful to God in all their doings and should appreciate the importance of life and living on earth”.

Ghana-Ba President, Mr. Kwaku Boamah, who happened at the party, also expressed his gratitude to the entire members of Okwahuman for living in unity and allowing l peace to prevail among them and also helping each other in times of need.

He urged audience to put back their ideological differences, unite in their efforts to assisting to rebuild Ghana, adding “it is our onerous responsibility in the Diaspora to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana and to up lift its cultural image high in Belgium”.

Later at an open forum, members were given the opportunity to share their views on Ghana's cultural, social and economic development efforts.

From; Opong Derrick-PRO (Kwahuman Belgium Community)

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