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10.09.2002 General News

Maj.Boakye-Djan will not petition against anybody

By The Ghanaian Voice
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Major (rtd) Kodwo Boakye Gyan, former Military Intelligence Officer and a member of the erstwhile Armed Forces Revolutionary Council who doubled as the Council’s Official Spokesman during the 112 days rule of the Council has told the Ghanaian Voice that he is only waiting for an invitation from Justice Amua—Sekyi’s (NRC) National Reconciliation Commission to come down to testify.

Speaking from his residence in London on Friday 6 September he said he would be excited to come home once again adding: “ I will never petition against anybody, because there is need for that. I will come down to defend myself against any specific allegations that will be made against me”.

Major (rtd) Boakye Gyan who is also a journalist and one time Lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Journalism from 1968-1970 said he has read and heard many unsavoury things, which have been said against him, some interesting and at times sensational but was quick to add “I have restrained myself from indulging myself into the abyss of media trials because that will be listless and fruitless but now that the platform has been created I will come down, infact I have started parking my tooth paste, brush, my toiletries and baggage waiting for invitation from the NRC to touch down in Ghana once more.”

He dared those ‘traitors’ who betrayed the cause of the AFRC to come forward to deny or confirm some of things he would say at the Commission. “Most of the things said about me in the past are a litany of fabrications and a cocktail of lies. But I have held my breath because I believe in the popular saying that ‘never argue’ with a fool because the people will not see the difference,” he stated.

Major (rtd) K. Boakye-Gyan said that every position goes with certain privileges and responsibilities and that he is not one person who will jump off the bus and say all sorts of things. He revealed that in July 1981 he granted an interview to Ebow Godwin, now BBC reporter in Togo and wrote an article entitled “LOOMIING DANGER” but because no attention was paid to this publication and a similar one which appeared in the ‘Ghanaian Times’ also in July 1981, the 31st December coup happened.

He disclosed that he and Commander Apaloo had hindsight about some of the things that happened after leaving office and said he would explain why he fixed 24 September 1979 as the handing over date.

Sounding hilarious the one-time strong man behind the AFRC regime said. “Yes I am studying the pattern of events at home. Yes I will come down too clear my name. Yes, I will not shift blame.

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