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Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Their Witches Connection - Third Publication

18 December 2009 | Research Findings

The devil has three basic ministries i.e. to kill, to steal and to destroy. Witches are human being who gives their spirit and soul to the devil (by entering into a covenant with him) and because of this devil use them as agents (report and bring human beings to devil and its evil spirit) to met out evil and even kill human beings. Whenever they close their eyes to sleep they are off on their evil errand for the devil. Their spirit and soul can move easily through the air (looking as if they are dreaming i.e. spiritual) to attack their human victims in form of birds (when they are sleeping). Witches meet in the coven (assembly of witches) every night (12:00 midnight). They make human beings captive. If your spiritual level is very low they can arrest and take the spirit of that person captive in the night and from there affect all his or her activities and even kill him or her. In their coven, spirit of human captive looks like animals e.g. goat. Anything they do to that animal representing your spirit in their coven, it will affect you physically. Whenever they kill the animal in their coven the human captives will die later. Witches can travel (spiritually) in a split second to any part of the world to attack their victims. This is because they move through the air and there is no barrier in the air. Witches press people at night to suck their blood. In the night they normally turn to animal like cat, wall gecko, cockroach, owl e.t.c to met out their evil designs. Witches uses incantation (words use in magic spell), invocation (summon up by magic), manipulation (operates, handle a person with skill or craft), seduction (convinced or tempt somebody to do wrong especially physical sexual intercourse or sex in dreams), divination (discovery of the unknown or the future by supernatural means) and enchantment (charm, magic spell) on their human victims.

Moreover, spirit of witchcraft and their evil spirit knows about this law that when vaginal secretion (women) or semen i.e sperm and other secretions (men) comes out of your body through masturbation or any other normal or abnormal sexual practices, sexually intercourse, wet dream, homosexualism etc the sexually transmitted micro-organisms (STM) i.e. bacteria, virus, protozoa, yeast like fungi will be in its favourable period (because the body physiology .i.e science of the normal function of livingthings especially animals and body biochemistry (.i.e branch of science that deals with how livingthings are made up, how they combine and how they act under different conditions are now lowered) to reproduce and multiply and comes back (or even be more than) to its former number. The witches can also monitor person that is not spiritually strong (don’t pray, don’t read the Bible with understanding, don’t claim the promises of the Bible, don’t live a holy life, don’t fast e.t.c.) and by enchantment and divination in the night direct him or her to a person carrying sexually transmitted diseases or any other communicable disease who he or she must meet when he wakes up and go out in the day. Sexually transmitted diseases (even Aids) can never be contracted spiritually (through wet dreams). When you get these diseases (especially sexually transmitted diseases, leprosy, tuberculosis e.t.c) the first thing they will do is to send one demon (spiritually) to monitor you 24 hours and report to them. Their work this time is to induce or cause you to be looking anyhow to the opposite sex, (the eyes is the door to the heart, the heart considers it, the brain will start to describe it) and also incite (cause to happen by one’s actions) you to think about the opposite sex, women or men as the case may be. They will now make you to be lusting i.e. to have violent desire to possess something especially strong sexual desire (lust of the eye, lust of the mind, lust of the flesh). In the night the witches and evil spirit always work with what you stored in the mind or heart during the day. When they come in the night and find out that your mind is feel up with sexual desires, they will then by enchantment and divination bring the opposite sex (man or woman) to you in dream and you have no other option than to have sex with the person (i.e. wet dreams). This is because they will induce you into it and base on the fact that your mind is filled up with sexual desires you will go into the act unwillingly. But when you are conscious of this and deal with your eyes, mind, and body this lusting will be reduce to a minimal or minute extent. Now when you walk on the street you don’t look anyhow (or have second or third look) on women faces, breasts, buttocks or their shapes. When you look at all this features of women it will induce you to arouse (awake sexually) and consequently leads to lusting. If a woman or a girl looks anyhow on men it will make them to arouse and consequently lust over them. A man of God said that if you don’t want to sin when you are walking on the street you look straight and don’t look at any human being (opposite sex) twice even when your mind instruct you to do so. Lust-free life brings your spiritual level to the highest point while lust-filled life brings your spiritual level to the lowest point.

More so, the evil spirit can also bring in news of women or men (as the case may be) and sex into your mind (the battle field) and induce you to start to think about them. All human beings have this evil presentation in their mind but the difference between a true believer and unbeliever is that when it comes into the mind of a true believer, he or she will reject it and cast it out but when it comes to an unbeliever, he will start to consider and think about it which will contaminate (dirty) the mind leading to lust of the mind. Once the devil brings this views of sex, women or men (as the case may be) to your mind quote the word of God i.e. Bible (sword of the spirit) to him in your mind without speaking it out. You can tell him that the Bible says in proverbs 4:23: guard your mind with all diligence because from it flows the issues of life, you can also meditate on 1 peter 2:11 beloved I beseech you as aliens and exiles to abstain from the passion of the flesh that wage war against the soul. Once you are quoting this you are reminding the devil that you know the consequences of those things he presented to you for consideration and he has no option than to fly away. You can also cast it out by saying Holy Ghost fire on it without saying it out officially. Once this is done the devil will fly away and your mind will have peace. Moreover, God hate sin and don’t have much to do with a sinful body. You cannot overcome sin with your human power but if you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour he will then give you the grace and power to overcome sin. Devil has tested heaven and he doesn’t have any other chance of being there and so he is utilizing the entire spiritual and physical weapon at his disposal to prevent man from making heaven.

Nevertheless, when you defeat them in lusting (lust of the mind, eyes and flesh) in case of a person with sexually transmitted diseases (STD) the witches and the evil spirit has the power to invoke out sperm out of your body through the penis when you are sleeping in the daytime or in the night. When your spiritual level is low, you can see the sperm physically when you wake up but when your spiritual level starts to increase you will feel the ejaculation while sleeping but when you wake up you won’t see the sperm, but ejaculation of sperm whether seen or not will lower your body physiology (i.e. science of the normal function of livingthings especially animals) and body biochemistry (i.e. branch of science that deals with how livingthings are made up, how they combine, and how they act under different conditions) and make the disease to start afresh because the sexually transmitted micro-organisms i.e. bacteria, virus, protozoa, yeast like fungi will have favourable period to reproduce exponentially (very rapidly or quickly) by binary fission (i.e. each bacteria, protozoa, and yeast like fungi divides itself into two parts and each of the two parts divide into two parts and the division continues, and stop when the physiology and biochemistry of the body comes up to normal again. They later grow into new bacteria, protozoa, yeast like fungi respectively) or by replication (i.e. reproduce or make exact copy of itself continuously and stop when the physiology and biochemistry of the body comes up to normal again) in case of virus. You can stop this attack entirely by constant, fervent prayer and unquenchable faith. You can also add flavour to prayer and faith by turning your face and body down to the bed (i.e. prone or prostrate) and cross your leg while sleeping so that they won’t enchant directly on your penis or vagina. The witches and evil spirit has the power to cause and worsen any disease in any person that is not spiritually strong. An eminent evangelist, said that when you are sleeping and later wake up suddenly in the night, that you should know that a witch is about to attack you. When we pray before sleeping (on a background of holiness) we find out that spiritually you will be covered with fire and blood of Jesus and devil and its agent will find it impossible to get to your mind, body, soul and spirit because our life is now hidden in Christ and Christ in God Colossians 3:3. When they see that there is no way to enter your body they don’t have any other option than to wake you up. When you wake up suddenly and fail to decree short prayer they will now attack you because your body is now open to them. So when we are having or treating venereal or sexually transmitted diseases or certain other diseases like stroke, pile etc. We should know that when we wake up suddenly like that and did not decree short prayer before sleeping again, the witches and their evil spirit has power by enchantment and divination to multiply the sickness under this condition and make it to start afresh. That is to say that any time you are sleeping and wake up suddenly (no matter how many times you woke up before that time) make sure that you decree short powerful prayer (binding the devil) which will then cover you afresh and the witches and their evil spirit will find it impossible to enter. Witches fight the prayer life of their victim to disconnect them entirely from God. This will make them to be totally in control of their victim. Fear and anger hinders the presence of the Holy Spirit and give room for the evil spirit to have a free day. Devil put fear and doubt in your mind to destroy your faith which is your visa to heaven. Mathew 18:18 verily I say unto you, whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever you shall lose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Luke 10:19- Behold I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpion and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Ephesians 3:20- Now unto him that is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us.

Albeit, the witches and evil spirit can also interfere into any disease (especially sexually transmitted diseases) that they didn’t cause (i.e. it comes by human error or mistake) to worsen it and bring untold hardship and suffering to the victim and ultimately kill the person (after exhausting his or her money on the disease). Also you must know that nothing can chase away witches and evil spirit out of your life except you deal with yourself. Free yourself from lust of the flesh, eyes and mind (i.e. holiness), pray fervently, read the word of God (Bible) with understanding and (Faith) claim God promises. Prayer shakes and renders devil and its agents powerless and stranded. Paul and Silas shouted their prayer inside the prison and that is exactly while other prisoners heard them and this was followed by a violent earthquake and later their release (Act 16:25-26). The people of Israel would have walked round Jericho wall and the wall will fall flat on the seventh day after walking round seven times, but God told them to shout (Joshua 6:20). This shows that shouting has spiritual significance. The prayer you shout out has more power than the whispering prayers (or shelltox prayers). So endeavour to shout while praying (solemn word to God). When you worship idol or have charm: something believed to have magic power, good (bring good luck eg a trinket worn on the body, and against evil spirit) or bad (influence people in a magic way), talisman: something that thought to bring good luck e.g. a trinket or ring, amulets: something worn in the believe or hope that it will protect the wearer against evil (which is of the devil). God will never intervene into your case or hear your prayer not until you remove all the property of the devil in your life because he is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5). Native doctors, diviner, necromancer, fortune-teller, star gazers have no solution for witches and wizards because they are all from Satan and the Bible said that in Mathew 12:23 that a house divided against itself will not stand, so they can’t help you at the expense (loss) of the devil their master. When you live holy and righteous life and you are spiritually strong you can see vision from God. No doubt, devil can also come with his fake or counterfeit vision but the spirit of God in you will help you to trace the source of the vision and how you will respond to it. This vision is very important because it makes you to know about spiritual happening around you and your family and makes you to know where and how to direct your prayers but the vision you accept into your life must come from the Holy Spirit and not the evil spirit (Joel 2:28,29). By their fruits we shall know them(matthew 7:16a) . Killing of animals i.e. sacrifice can’t drive away evil spirit and witches but you can do so by cleansing yourself and doing the spiritual exercise as I underlined above. While praying reshape your voice. The witches will attack you with that reshaped voice they picked and because of the fact that it’s not your normal voice which is specific to you and have spiritual network (there won’t be any spiritual network) the attack (manipulation) won’t be viable and effective. Bind (Matthew 18:18) and destroy all the manipulation, enchantment, divination, incantation and network of the witches and wizards design to attack you through the air in the name of Jesus. When you pray believes that what you’re praying for is already done (faith) and think positive. To fast in a body that has lusting, as foundation is meaningless and powerless. It is hunger strike. But to fast in a body that has holiness (i.e. without lusting) as foundation makes you powerful, spiritually and physically. Devil fears holiness because with it he can do nothing. Witches and their evil spirit can induce bad habits (drunkenness, drug addiction, truancy, homosexualism, womanizing etc) into a person with low spiritual level. The witches can also take advantage of your weakness when it comes to sexual reproductive organs to deal with you; in short it is devil’s major target because it is a sin against the body and brings down your spiritual level abruptly. Witches enter into human body through the head, when praying bind the head and its top so that witches (and their consequent attack i.e. wet dream etc) will find it impossible to enter. Witches can bring weakness and tiredness when your about to sleep to prevent you from praying. But don’t allow them to succeed. Before you sleep make sure you pray and bind all their networks.

Howbeit, all this attacks of the witches and their solution, mention above are the experiences of one of my staphylococcus aureus male patient. The witches captured him when he was in secondary school. They inspired him to be practicing masturbation. This lowers his spiritual state and then made the witches accessible into his life. He experiences series of motor accidents and sicknesses design by the witches to scuttle his academic career (i.e. by elusive memory – memory that forgets easily) and even kill him. The witches (evil spirit) later by enchantment and divination started ministering unto him spiritually that his problem will be solved when he meets a woman. They later made him to meet a lady carrying staphylococcus aureus. Since that day he will be treating the disease while the witches worsen it both spiritually and physically. He pass through so many prophets, native doctors, orthodox and Pentecostal churches and pastors who sap (finish up) his money leaving his problem unsolved. By divine intervention he started hearing (and doing) raw messages on holiness, prayer, faith, restitution, fasting, the efficacy of the word of God. He is now dealing ruthlessly with the witches and on taking our drugs (Eminence consult natural medicine) the staphylococcus aureus vanished. He is now bouncing in good health. The size of your faith will determine the extent of God’s presence in your life (i.e. your blessing). Your faith is like the sum of money you went to the market with, the more money you have the more goods (quantity and quality) you come out of the market with. John 8:32- And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. A man of God that repented from the occult world said that the number of demons working for the devil is three times the human population of our egalitarian world. From this, we should know that devil mean business (he is not playing), so Christians must sit up. The witches and wizards can lock the brain and understanding (retentive memory) of an intelligent person, close your business if you are not spiritually strong. The most precious thing in your life devil is fighting for is your great faith which is your visa to heaven. Ephesians 6:16-Above all, taking the shield of faith, with which you shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. Hebrews 11:6-But without faith it is impossible to please him, for he that comes to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Whenever you believe and have faith in the promise of God in the Bible, it works completely because his words are Yeh and Amen. The promise of God in the Bible is like a certified cheque given to you to clear from the bank, you rightly believe that the amount written in the cheque must be in your pocket when coming out of the bank. All your doings (good or bad) in this world is in your spirit. When you die, God will unroll it and judge you from there. Do your restitution (give back something stolen to its owner or expose all evil plot you executed against anybody and ask for forgiveness). No restitution no Heaven. Secret worsen situation, expose it and liberate your mind. Heaven is a place of bliss and happiness and for you to make Heaven, you must be happy, stable and light within (in your spirit and soul) and without (your countenance i.e face including its appearance and expression and your behaviour) in this world. At any moment in time, you personally know where (whether heaven or hell) you will go if you die because their criteria (standard of judgement) and benchmark (standard or point of reference) are clear and conspicuous in the Bible. You don’t need to die before you know where your going, your heaven or hell starts from this world. When you want to sleep in the day or in the night go out and watch the position of the sun (day), moon, star (night). Take position on the bed and close your eyes. Thank God for sustaining you up to that moment. Remember to voice out your prayers. sun, moon and star are the storehouse (reservoir) of all satanic (negative) powers. In order to destroy this, focus (project) your spirit on the shining sun (day), moon, star (night). You watch them before praying physically. Bind (sense it in your spirit) and destroy the powers transmitted through the shining sun (day), moon and star (night) against you (which can lead to wet dream). Bind, (sense it in your spirit) and destroy your voice picked physically by their human agent or your voice picked spiritually when you are talking in dream (which leads to wet dream). Numbers 23:23-No enchantment against Jacob and no divination against Israel (KJ 2000). Bind (sense it in your spirit) and destroy all manipulation, enchantment, divination, seduction, incantation (through the air) of the witches and wizard against you in Jesus name. Remember to bind on top of the head. Witches enter into their victim spiritually through the head. When you bind on top of your head, witches will find it difficult to enter into you and their attack will be fruitless. Cover yourself, your room and your environment with the blood of Jesus (Revelation 12:11), then sleep. When you wake up suddenly don’t mind to go out again to watch the position of the shining sun (day), moon, star (night). Just pray with the position of the shining sun (day), moon and star (night) you saw outside before you went to bed. You do this while the eyes are still closed. Once you open your eyes when you wake up suddenly, go out and watch the position of the shining sun (day), moon, star (night) if you so wish before you pray or you can pray immediately and sleep without watching the position of the sun, moon and star again. While binding if you witness any spiritual resistance to the binding shake your head horizontally and faster. This will overcome the spiritual resistance and paralyze the devil and his cohorts. After praying, sleep immediately, the power in the prayer will come down to barest minimum if you open your eyes again before sleeping. Putting Semen (sperm and other secretions) or vaginal secretion or only the name of a person you committed adultery or fornication (or any wrongdoing you committed together) with into a shrine or deity is not good it spoils your future and destiny. The shrine or deity don’t have any direction (any bus stop), they move towards any direction depending on if divine (God’s) argument (as written in the bible) favour them. Two of you committed adultery and fornication (or that wrong doing) together and the deity or shrine must follow two of you and spoil your destiny or future. So desist (cease) from it and shun (avoid) adultery, fornication (or any wrongdoing). Deity and shrine can’t spoil the future and destiny of a righteous person (the person is on God’s side) because they have nothing in common. Fornication (sex between unmarried man and unmarried woman), adultery (sex between a married person and another married person that is not his wife or her husband or married person (man or woman) and woman or man (unmarried) respectively, Homosexualism: male (man) to male (boy) i.e. pederasty, male (man) to male (man), female to female i.e. lesbianism, incest (sex between near relations e.g. brother and sister, mother and son, mother and daughter, father and daughter, father and son), sodomy or bestiality (sex between human being and animal), sodomy (sex through the anus), masturbation (a situation whereby a person uses his or her own hands to bring sexual feelings to himself or herself, cannibalism (practice of eating human flesh by man ) destroys the destiny or future of the persons involve, their marriage and their family. Sexual perversions (abnormal or unnatural sexual habit) like homosexualism (i.e. lesbianism, pederasty, sex between man and man) incest, sodomy or bestiality, sodomy, sex with human corpse (dead body) especially in the mortuary, masturbation (and even cannibalism) are abomination and create a negative spiritual network (brings bad luck and poverty) that work against you as a woman and make you not to marry on time and can bring wrong husband to a woman (and even wrong wife to a man). If you are a witch and you want to be free from spirit of witchcraft, restrict or stop any way semen (male) i.e. sperm and other secretions or vaginal secretion (female) can come out of your body (i.e. through masturbation, pederasty, lesbianism, bestiality or sodomy, sexual intercourse etc).Pray and practice spiritual solution as I underline above, (shun lust of the eyes etc). When you do all this, the spirit of God will come into your life and that spirit of witchcraft which has lesser power will varnish or disappear.

When a man and a woman marry, they are now one (Genesis 2:18, 24) and have joint (one) destiny and future. Extramarital affair (adultery) destroys and perforates (put holes in) marriage and family. Giving (offering, money or anything giving to anybody) especially tithe (Malachi 3:10, 11) open the window of heaven (material especially financial prosperity) and rebuke the devourer (devil and his agents) for your sake. The retaining (continue to hold) of semen i.e. sperm and other secretions (men) and vaginal secretions (women) makes you to be spiritually strong, while constant ejaculation or release of semen (men) or vaginal secretion (women) makes you to be spiritually weak. The witches (including the spirit of witchcraft people manipulate physically through deity or shrine to attack people) and other evil spirit can manipulate your name (i.e. your first name, second name and surname) to attack you spiritually (wet dream in men) or physically. Wet dream is an erotic (giving sexual pleasure) dream that causes unconscious ejaculation or release of semen i.e. sperm and other secretions. Witches use enchantment and manipulation to cause the multiplication of sexually transmitted micro-organisms when women have sex in dream. Witches can also manipulate you to urinate on your bed while sleeping. They use enchantment and manipulation to bring information to the mind of people (physically or spiritually) for consideration. Sand (land) is God’s creation and it spreads evenly throughout our egalitarian world. When you speak (through prayer) good or bad to the sand you are carrying on your palm (hand) and pour it out to the land again with faith, your statement will work out and affect the people (or situation) concern positively or negatively as the case may be. There is power in nature (sand) and in spoken words. Proverb 18:21 death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof (KJ 2000). Job 22:28a that you shall also decree a thing and it shall be establish for you (KJ 2000). You receive God’s blessing anytime you attend church services (no matter the level of your sin). If witches discourage you to the extent that you stop praying, know that accidents, unusual sicknesses and death can come easily. Aids- acquired immune deficiency (or immunodeficiency) syndrome is a disease caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmitted in the blood, semen and vaginal fluids and which destroys the immune system, leaving the body susceptible to potentially fatal infections. Aids related complex (ARC) is a condition that manifest prior to the onset of full-brown Aids, characterized by fever, weights lose, thrush (internal inflammatory disease), shingles (skin disease forming a band of inflamed spots often round the waist) and a general feeling of malaise (feeling of bodily discomfort, but without clear signs of a particular illness). Aids or STD no dey shows for face, so hate and renounce sex before marriage. Aids i.e. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is also a sexually transmitted disease, we have the cure and also give expert advice on how to live comfortably with it.

In conclusion, I recommend that researcher’s will work to circumvent (prevent from happening) or reduce incessant (continuous) division, and reproduction (multiplication) of sexually transmitted micro-organisms i.e. STM (binary fission in case of bacteria, protozoa, yeast like. fungi and replication in case of virus) after ejaculation of Semen (sperm and other secretions) i.e. in man or vaginal secretion (in women) by any method especially in wet dream (ejaculate spiritually or physically) or after enchantment and manipulation of the witches (when you are sleeping) when your spiritual level is low. This academic paper by the grace of God is just the opening of the rusted camera shutter for the flash of STD especially HIV /AIDS drug therapy to shine out. No doubt, this academic work is based on positivism (on observable phenomena and positive facts rather than speculation) and is also experiential (based on direct experience). Eminence Consult is a consultancy outlet having consultant Biochemist ( with specialization on sexually transmitted diseases) who research and by the grace of God synthesized natural medicine (one short, morning and night respectively) having hot drinks or ethanol as its foundation liquid or solvent (using roots and herbs) that cures: infertility, impotency, fibroid, blocked fallopian tube or salpingitis, watery sperm, dead sperm, typhoid fever, ulcer, hepatitis, pile and all sexually transmitted diseases (STD) especially HIV/AIDS no matter how long they have stayed in your body. Eminence consult has two non-governmental organization. They are: Eminence sexually transmitted diseases initiative – ESI and Eminence HIV/AIDS gestures-EHAG. Keep a date with us.

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