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16.12.2009 PNC News

PNC Must Work Hard For Victory In 2012 - Alhaji Ramadan

Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan, the National Chairman of the People's National Convention (PNC), has appealed to party activists to work hard towards victory in the 2012 General Election.

'It is relevant that you position yourselves well so that come 2012 we can give Ghanaians the alternative government.”

Alhaji Ramadan was speaking at a day's workshop in Koforidua on enhancing the capacity of party executives to build strong structures at the constituency level.

The workshop, which was attended by party executives drawn from all the constituencies in the Eastern Region, was funded by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy/Institute of Economic Affairs.

Alhaji Ramadan urged party supporters to have self-confidence in the PNC and not to be swayed by deception from their political opponents, adding that the party was determined to make an impact in the 2012 elections.

He expressed worry about moves being made by some Convention People's Party (CPP) executives to convince PNC supporters that the party had merged with them.

Alhaji Ramadan said although he was not against a strong united Nkrumaist party, the right thing must be done, adding that those deceptions aimed at undermining the national executive would not work.

He advised PNC supporters to appreciate the party they belong to, adding that PNC was the future. Mr Mohammed Atik, National Youth leader of the PNC, advised the participants not to develop inertia towards the running of the party at the constituency level.

He urged them to 'sell' the good ideas of the party to the people at the grass roots to be able to woo more support for the party.