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08.12.2009 Politics

President Mills receive commendation for investing in Ghanaian youth

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President Mills receive commendation for investing in Ghanaian youth

December 07, 2009
Accra, Dec. 7, GNA - Mr Mohammed Mubarak Abdulai, a youth activist of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Sunday commended President John Evans Atta Mills for appointing a number of youthful personalities into his government.

He said President Mills appointment of about 40 per cent youthful personalities as Ministers of State, Members of Boards, and creating avenues for youth development attested to the confidence NDC had in the youth of the country.

Mr Abdulai also known as Ras Mubarak made the commendation during an interaction with newsmen in Accra to declare his intention to contest for the National Youth Organiser slot of the party.

He said "the NDC is the only political party under the Fourth Republic that has demonstrated its commitment for youth development, creating opportunity for youth empowerment politically, academically, economically and socially.

"The NDC's record of politically glooming the youth for leadership position is insurmountable...We don't only talk the talk in youth development but we walk the talk".

Mr Ras Mubarak used the occasion to affirm his commitment to the NDC's cause for the development of "A Better Ghana" and "investment in People, Jobs and the Economy" agenda.

The Youth Wing of the NDC has its own National, Regional and Constituency officers, which operates within the ambit of the formal structures of the party at all, levels.

Mr Ras Mubarak pledged his commitment to promote the national interest through effective modern information, communication and technological scheme to ensure the active participation of the youth in national politics.

He said: "We look upon to 'Akatamansodians' to stretch our arms to all Ghanaians especially the youth and women to join us in our genuine quest for true political and economic freedom and justice".

Mr Ras Mubarak also expressed grave concern about developments in the Party that seem to undermine unity and peace and urged the Council of Elders to step in and find an amicable settlement to the problem.

"The state of the Party now requires the fullest co-operation of all members, including the members of the National Executive Committee, Parliamentarians and the rank and file of the Party," he said.

He said: "In my considered opinion, differences within the Party must be resolved within the Party using the relevant organs and structures prescribed by the Party's constitution.

"It is highly unacceptable for bodies or groups within the Party to trade accusations in the public domain when acceptable methods are available to be exploited."

Mr Ras Mubarak reminded officers and non-officers of the NDC that their actions must serve to promote unity and peace and not create disharmony, pleading "the press war must cease forthwith".

"The most essential prerequisite to win the elections in 2012, however, is to rebuild the party structures and make them functional and potent as the stake for a party in government in an election is quite different," he said.

The CV of the NDC National Youth Organiser aspirant made available to the media indicates that Ras Mubarak was born in Tamale on June 3, 1979, attended the Ghana National Academy, Kumasi from 1991 to 1994 and the Institute of Management Studies where he gained an ICM Diploma in Public Relations in 1997.

He is also a holder of Diploma in Journalism from the London School of Journalism, a professional radio, television broadcaster and prolific columnist of many national and international dailies.

"If elected as the National Youth Organiser I will work tirelessly with Government and Party Officials to institute a series of youth consultative forums nationwide where ideas and aspirations will be correlated and eventually update our youth development plans.

"I will also create a Youth Forum, at the national, regional and districts levels where Ministers and Government functionaries would brief the masses and youth about national policies and development," Mr Ras Mubarak stated.

Mr Ras Mubarak said: "I will discourage and dissociate NDC Youth from any acts of civil disobedience or acts of wanton violence and instead direct their focus on political patience and diplomatic engagement of opponents".

The Aspirants called on the delegates to vote for him to provide effective leadership, which would attract the youth from other political parties and non-political activists to join the NDC for Victory 2012.


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