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What is the problem? — Between Rev.Yiadom, Bishop Obinim

What is the problem? — Between Rev.Yiadom, Bishop Obinim
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Is their rivalry due to a bid to win more members? And in an attempt to do that, have the two men of God been at each other's throat to paint each other to lose favour with the public?

These two men of God have, in their alleged fight for supremacy, appeared ungodly in their acts against each other and many have wondered whether the two are truly men of God.

Is it really a question of rivalry or are there other things that the public are unaware of? Answers to these questions have been difficult to find because the two have made it extremely difficult for the media to talk to them. What really is the problem?

Who is telling the truth? This is the question crying for an answer in the midst of the juju allegation involving the two men of God in Kumasi. And even as the people wait for an answer to the question there is the strong belief in Kumasi that the juju allegation that had deepened the rift between the two feuding pastors– Bishop Daniel Obinim and Rev .Ebenezer Adarkwa-Yiadom - is the beginning of the end of one of them.

The general belief is that when the truth finally comes out, the one who finds himself at the losing end is likely to see his church crumble.

A Kumasi resident, Frank Annor had accused Bishop Obinim of contracting him to bury some bones suspected to be human parts, a dead snake, and red candles at the prayer camp of his rival, Rev. Adarkwa-Yiadom, popularly known as Prophet One at Ahenema Kokoben in Kumasi.

But the Bishop has vehemently denied the allegation, describing it as a plot by Rev. Adarkwa-Yiadom to destroy him and his church.

Both are young men -Adarkwa-Yiadom likely to be in his late thirties and Obinim in his early thirties. They each have a large following and some of the church members have been so indoctrinated that they are ready to die for their leaders.

Rev. Adarkwa-Yiadom is the founder and leader of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre at Ahenema Kokoben, while Bishop Obinim heads the International God's Way Church at Kenyasi Bosore near Kumasi.

Both have had rough times in their priestly journey. At a point in time, Rev. Adarkwa-Yiadom had to fight off sexual allegations levelled against him by some people.

Bishop Obinim also had to deal with an allegation of attempted suicide over marital problems. The allegation was that his wife, the renowned gospel singer, Florence Obinim, who was three-months pregnant, left their matrimonial home with their two children for London and out of frustration and the Bishop attempted to end his life.

Even though he denied the attempted suicide story, the Bishop confirmed that he had “ a little problem” with his wife.

With regard to the juju allegation, it appears the battle for supremacy involving the two pastors knows no end. The two men profess to have the powers to perform all manner of miracles; a situation, which has resulted in hundreds of people flocking to them for “deliverance” on daily basis.

For instance, Bishop Obinim claims to have raised the dead at one time, while Rev. Adarkwa Yiadom touts himself as having exorcised many people of witchcraft.

While Bishop Obinim tries to extricate himself from the allegation, and fingers Rev. Adarkwa-Yiadom for what has happened to him, the latter via his radio station in Kumasi, has been pouring out vituperative attacks on his rival.

He insisted that Bishop Obinim had been doing all manner of negative things against him and that the exposure of the juju allegation was God's way of punishing Bishop Obinim.

It has been very difficult for Graphic Nsempa to get Rev. Adarkwa-Yiadom to speak to about the juju allegation.

But when the paper got in touch with Bishop Obinim, he said he had been devastated by the juju allegation against him but was confident that the truth would come out for all to know who was the real devil.

Source: Daily Graphic

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