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Chasing the Elephant into the Bush: Kufuor replies Arthur K.

By New Crusading Guide
Former President KufuorFormer President Kufuor

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has expressed his disagreement with Dr. Arthur Kobina Kennedy's account or treatment of certain issues and events as contained in the latter's controversial, yet to be launched book titled: "CHASING THE ELEPHANT INTO THE BUSH: THE POLITICS OF COMPLACENCY".

In a formal statement of reaction signed by his Spokesperson, Mr. Frank Agyekum, a former Deputy Minister of Information in the NPP administration, Mr. Kufuor expressed the belief that Dr. Kennedy might have arrived at those conclusions or positions on the issues under reference as "a result of your (Kennedy) not having an in-depth knowledge of them or you did not contact the persons involved for their views".

The former President referred to page 148 of Dr. Kennedy's book under the heading: "President Kufuor Pledges 'No Vote"', and noted that the author made it appear as if (i) "I had declared that no voting will take place in Tain and that I had not been able to effect that decision because 'no concrete subsequent steps were taken' or (ii) that the decision for the NPP not to contest the Tain elections was mine; (iii) that I did not go to Tain because of security reasons."

"On all of these counts you got them very wrong indeed. At the end of the piece you leave some questions unanswered which presupposes that you were not sure about what you wrote. But that should have been the more reason for you to seek answers from the appropriate quarters so you would have put a closure to any lingering doubts on the matters raised," cautioned Mr. Kufuor.

He underscored the importance of the caution, especially because Dr. Kennedy was dealing with matters of political nature which invoke a lot of passion.

"Questions that are not answered conclusively, based on empirical data, could be tantamount to opening up a can of worms."

The former President further indicated that he had opted to put his response to the issues raised in Dr. Kennedy's book "in writing to help the public and future generations to reach a better understanding of the issues you have raised which seek to reinforce wrongful impression of some of the things I did while in office".

He hoped, when appropriate, Dr Kennedy will find a way of incorporating his (Kufuor's) reaction "in the re-run of your book, should there be one".