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26.11.2009 NDC News

An Unfolding Battle Royale….MILLS REPLIES RAWLINGS!…& Names The ‘Greedy Bastards’ As Leading NDC Members!

By The Daily Searchlight
An Unfolding Battle Royale….MILLS REPLIES RAWLINGS!…& Names The ‘Greedy Bastards’ As Leading NDC Members!
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President John Evans yesterday further widened the divide between his presidency and party founder Jerry John Rawlings, when he told Ghanaians that it is not true that he has ignored the rank and file of his party in favour of some 'greedy bastards'!

He said that the facts were contrary to the claims that he has ignored his party, as is being claimed by his party's Founder Jerry John Rawlings and sections of his party, and rather the 'greedy bastards' the former President was claiming had taken over the government were really true and typical party men!

Addressing the media yesterday, Presidential Spokesperson Mahama Ayariga said that it is not true that President has ignored the party, saying that the President's appointments were testimony to the fact that his party members had benefited by way of appointments into his government, instead of the 'greedy bastards' that Rawlings had claimed that they were.

Ayariga named several functionaries in the current government who are typical party men and women and said that this was testimony to the fact that the Mills Presidency had not ignored the party.

He named some of these functionaries as Mr. Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, the Eastern Regional Minister who is the National Organizer of the NDC, his Deputy Mr. Baba Jamal who is the Deputy General Secretary, Mr. Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, the Deputy Minister for Local Government who is also a Deputy General Secretary, party chairman Dr. Kwabena Agyei who is currently serving as a Board Chairman, Central Region Minister Ama Benyiwa Doe who is the National Women's Organizer of the NDC, and many other leading party members who had been appointed to various ministries, boards and corporations and said that this was testimony that the President had not ignored the membership of his party as was being claimed by former President Rawlings and certain members of the NDC.

Former President Jerry John Rawlings, who is the Founder of the NDC and the man who single-handedly dragged President Atta Mills from obscurity to eventually turn him into a President, has recently been at pains to tell the general public that his party's government had been hijacked by some people he describes as 'greedy bastards' who were bent on assassinating him.

“We have brought people into our midst who are unknown to the party, people we do not know. If we do not wake up to correct the mistakes I will not have anything to do with the party. I have died so many times for the party, being humiliated both locally and internationally. I cannot die for the greedy bastards who have wormed their way into government,” the former President told a group of constituency chairmen of his party last week.

The former President was reacting to sentiments expressed by some constituency chairmen in the Greater Accra region to the effect that they had been ignored. According to the party chairmen, they had spent years working for the party to return to power but unfortunately they said that the synergy between them and government had broken down.

They said that the Ga constituencies had played a major role in returning the NDC to power and it was unacceptable that they were being ignored in such a shabby manner.

According to them, they had been denied access to the President and leading members of the party.

In response to this, the President also ordered that all his appointees should endeavour to ensure that they respond to the needs of party members, whilst he himself has also pledged that he would make himself more available!

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