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01.08.2002 Tabloid News

Miracle pastor dupes woman

By The Spectator
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When Madam Serwa Akoto, a Ghanaian domiciled in Italy witnessed a series of powerful sermons and miracles performed by a pastor n Ghana, she had no doubt about the pastor's sincerety and there then developed confidence in him.

Convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that the pastor, Charles Anomangye, a suburb of Kumasi, could help her obtain a US visa for her two children, she readily approached him for assistance. But that could not be. She has been swindled by the Pastor of an amount of ¢48 million. She is still without the visa to take the children to U.SA.

Pastor Anokye, leader and founder of the church, was alleged to have collected the ¢48 million from Madam Akoto, under the pretext of securing visas for her two children to pursue their education in the United States of America. It all started in May this year when Madam Akoto returned to Ghana on a short holiday and attended a prayer meeting at the church.

After being convinced by a series of miracles performed in the church, madam Akoto approached Pastor Anokye and told him of her intention to send her two daughters to the United States of America. Pastor Anokye readily promised to assist the woman and told her that she was lucky her problem would be solved in no time because an invitation had been sent to him to visit USA with some church members.

He then demanded ¢48 million from Madam Akoto to enable him to process the necessary traveling documents. The woman hurriedly paid the amount to the Pastor. After collecting the money, the children would leave Ghana to the USA within two months.

The two months assurance period elapsed without any sign of a trip in sight. Not happy with the trend of affairs, Madam Akoto approached Pastor Anokye to find out the reason for the delay.

It was at their meeting that she received a big blow. Pastor Anokye told her that the visa agent he handed the money to, to enable him process the documents had bolted and all efforts to retrieve her money had proved futile. Realizing that she had been duped, the woman reported Pastor Anokye's conduct to the Kumasi Police Striking Force who arrested him.

After Police investigations, Pastor Anokye was dragged before a Kumasi Circuit Tribunal. He has been granted bail in the sum of ¢50 million with two sureties to re-appear at a later date. The tribunal was chaired by Mr. V.C. Senu.

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