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30.07.2002 General News

Kwesi Pratt put in hot seat

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Following his criticism and labeling of a section of leadership of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) as opportunistic dinosaurs among others, Mr. Kwesi Pratt Junior, has been dared to resign his post as Chairman of the Publicity Committee of the CPP. “For you to come clean of your abrasive assault and criticism on people that you despise, I dare you to resign your office as Chairman of Publicity Committee of the party, just like any right thinking and sincerely principled person will do,” said Mike Eghan Snr, a leading member of the CPP.

Mr. Eghan was reacting to a story headlined CRACKS IN CPP which appeared in the Friday, 26th July issue of The Insight newspaper edited by Kwesi Pratt Jnr. In the said story, Mr. Pratt noted that a group of people, whose identities are unknown are planning to form a new group in the CPP but Mr. Eghan described the story as misleading, mischievous and destructive to Kwesi Pratt Jnr himself as well as CPP, of which Pratt claims to belong to.

Eghan charged Kwesi Pratt Jnr not to “hide behind the cloak of Journalist/Publisher to launch personal attacks on the leadership of the CPP as opportunistic dinosaurs”. He said Kwesi Pratt Jnr knew of the formation of the Positive Action Group (PAG) by Dr Abubakar Alhassan, National Chairman and Leader of the CPP in Accra, soon after the 1996 general elections. In addition to the faces behind the PAG, Pratt Jnr is also aware of the members forming the PAG. And therefore, it was malicious and hypocritical of him to fake ignorance of those in and behind the PAG. Eghan said the agenda of the PAG was to “organize, promote and sustain Nkrumahism at the grass roots as well as prepare the party to contest elections”.

He admonished Pratt Jnr to refrain from roof top populist negative speeches for “pragmatic and detailed formulation of a programme of action for a goal. I will personally encourage you to continue with your Socialist Forum (which incidentally you are organizing outside the CPP) because I believe with you at the helm of affairs it will end up nowhere like your one time, one man and his family PP DD Group”

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