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19.07.2002 General News

Jesus Christ came for domestication - Dan Lartey

By Chronicle
Jesus Christ came for domestication - Dan Lartey
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“Do you know why Jesus Christ came to this earth?” That was a question the leader of the Great Consolidated Popular Party, Dan Lartey, asked the 800-member Congregation of the Calvary Baptist Church in Accra ion 30 June, this year. The packed chapel was silent; his audiences were bemused, all scanning their minds for the right answer. Mrs Lartey, the eccentric politician's wife, stood in a pensive mood close to the pulpit from which he posed his theological question. “I say do you know why Jesus Christ took trouble to descend to this world?”

There was no answer. And then he supplied the answer himself: “Domestication! Jesus came for domestication.” The rest was near commotion as the whole congregation was thrown into uncontrollable laughter. When the situation calmed down, Mr Domestication, as he has since the last elections come to be called, begun to develop an argument that the main purpose of Jesus' ministry on earth was “domestication.”

Mr Lartey explained that hitherto, Christianity was for the Jews alone, however Jesus came to domesticate the Gentiles thereby making the free gift of salvation of Christendom available to all people of the world. The congregation could not help but to shout in a manner that brought the last general electioneering campaign in mind. The senior pastor of the church, Rev Fred Deegbe prayed for him and other visitors who came to the church for the first time that Sunday. It has been the tradition of the church to organise such visitor's day from time to time.

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