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10 September 2009 | Business & Finance

First National Savings & Loans Relaunched

First National Savings & Loans Relaunched

First National Savings and Loan Company (FNSL) is the People's Bank. This is because the ordinary Ghanaian finds the company's many innovations as friendly for people, especially within the informal sector.

The company offers wide-range of innovative products in the form of deposits which includes Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposit, and Microfinance Deposits. First National is also engaged in both local and international money transfers.

To meet the borrowing needs of the ordinary people the company has various loan facilities in the form of Microfinance (Group and Individuals) loans, Commercial loans, Clearance loans, Payroll (Employee) loans and Farmer Based loans.

Due to the continuous improvement in the economy of Ghana, the company envisages higher growth in its operations and profitability.

And although the company envisages that there is large number of financial institutions operating in Ghana, there is still more prospects to do business with the ordinary people who have little or no access to banking products and services.

These are the economic active people who own the majority of the micro-small-medium scale businesses but have no access to credit facilities or secured environment to deposit their proceeds. FNSL vision is to reach these people and offer them financial services to expand their business.

The rapid growth of the company which has led to the establishment of some 20 branches nationwide has offered confidence in patrons and other potential clients and with total staff of 200, the company has developed the requisite human resources to deal and handle clients with utmost care. .

There is a lot of focus on supporting farmers in Ghana and this effort has been recognized by various institutions such as the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA).

To this effect, First National Savings and Loans is the only Non-Bank Financial Institution in Ghana that has qualified to participate in the Ghana Agriculture Credit Program of MiDA under the Millennium Challenge Authority (MCA). This program aims to support farmers mainly in the horticulture industry.

It has become easy for patrons or clients to access First National because the Bank has indeed become national with the establishment of most branches in Regional capitals and other business centres in the country. And these are parts efforts to fulfill its vision of become a true national bank.

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