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12.08.2009 General News

John Jinapor Abdulai under Fire

By The Statesman
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John Jinapor Abdulai has been heavily accused of using the high office of the Vice President to resurrect the protracted Chieftaincy dispute between Royals of the Leibu and the Jinapor gates in the Buipe Traditional.

The Leibu gate alleges that John Jinapor is using the office of the Vice President in connivance with the police in Buipe to assist his father, Siman-Wura Abdulai Mahama Abdulai Jinapor to intimidate and continue to arrest innocent members particularly the youth as a calculated attempt to weaken the other side of the chieftaincy divide.

Gungungu-Wura Richard Kachanga Wumnaya, head of the Leibu gate made this public at a well attended press conference held in Buipe at the weekend where he called on H.E John Dramani Mahama to as a matter of urgency sanction John Jinapor before he uses his office to destroy the Buipe Traditional Area.

Gungungu-Wura Richard complained that nine young able men of the Leibu gate were earlier arrested in a similar exercise by the police led by Chief Siman-Wura Jinapor and vowed to teach them more bitter lessons if they attempt to resist his grand ploy programmed to be executed on Tuesday 11 th -August. 

The Leibu gate Royals by that early warning signal threatens to engage in a fearless battle with the Jinapor gate by Tuesday 11 th -August if the chief indeed attempts to make such a move.

According to Gungungu-Wura Richard, the chief roams with sophisticated weapons in his private car with registration number NR6T accompanied by some police personnel who assist him in assaulting members of the Leibu gate in broad day light.

He fumed that they have been overstretched and therefore reiterated their preparedness to meet Chief Siman-Wura Jinapor and his cohorts squarely if the harassment and intimidations continues unabated.

Reliable informants in Buipe Township confirmed the chief's action and his son John Jinapor's action. Attempts to contact the Buipe divisional police Command on the matter proved futile as personnel on duty said the divisional Commander and his 2IC had gone to church.

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