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Women must partner government to eradicate superstitious beliefs

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By gna

Kumasi, Aug 9, GNA - Mrs Betty Mould Iddrisu, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, has called on religious organizations and civil society groups to partner government to eradicate superstitious beliefs.

She said the effects of superstition on society was worrying and that it was endangering efforts to build a healthy society based on hard work, goodwill and honesty among other social virtues.

Mrs Iddrisu was speaking at the 30th National Annual Rally of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women's Association in Kumasi on Saturday.

The two-day rally was under the theme: “Eradication of Superstitious Beliefs, Pre-Requisite for Social and Spiritual Development”.

Over 7,000 members from all the 10 regions of the country are attending.

Mrs Iddrisu said the government was committed to the eradication of superstitious beliefs and would apply the laws to punish people who abused the rights of others.

The Minister said this required a multi-faceted approach where religious organizations, civil society and the government had a role to play.

She said; “It is important for religious organizations to stress on the role of personal responsibility in the determination of one's fate rather than the blind reliance on some spiritual processes to automatically change one's fortunes from poverty to riches overnight”.

To this end, civil society must not shy away from openly discussing the effects of superstition on the social and spiritual lives of the people, she said.

Mrs Iddrisu said; “A nation that places great value on moral and spiritual principles stands a better chance of advancement and development. The trend can also help to remove or minimize most of the social evils that are destroying the fabric of our society”.

Madam Anima Wilson, Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, said it was disheartening that in the present era of development, certain primitive superstitious beliefs were still dominant in the society.

She said the Gambaga Witch Village, Trokosi practices in some parts of the Volta Region, the female genital mutilation and the widowhood rites needed to be eradicated.

This would pave way for women to make the expected impact on social and spiritual development of the country.

Mrs Akua Sena Dansua, Minister of Women and Children's Affairs, in an address read on her behalf, said women had a major role to play in the total development of the country and called on them to lead good and decent lives worthy of emulation.

Hajia (Mrs) Rahmat Muslim, National President of the Association appealed to the government and other organizations to support the Association in its efforts to eradicate superstitious beliefs and discrimination against women and children.

Alhaji Mohammad Yusif Yawson, Acting Ameer and Missionary in Charge of the Ahamadiyya Muslim Mission, advised the women to demonstrate modest living and encourage their children to fear God and worship Him in truth.


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