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Jul 29, 2009 | Education

Accra Aca Boys Come Home In Style

This year’s homecoming of the Accra Academy Old Boys, which came off last Saturday, was described by many old boys as the best so far.

A variety of games took the old boys - from the 1951 year group to the 2008 year group - down memory lane.

The popular school songs (jamas) were undoubtedly hot, while the musical chairs was superb as it produced two joint-winners.

Some of other old boys also entertained themselves with table tennis and snooker.

The very old were given a treat of massage and also had the opportunity of exercising their bodies. Food and drinks flowed amidst music, which was occasionally interrupted by the masters of ceremony (MCs).

The excitement took a different turn when some old boys decided to show their dexterity in driving. The severity of the driving did not go down well with the “older” boys, who had to call the “younger” boys to order.

That showed the life-long morale of the academicians, regarding respect for seniors. The old boys passed the test of character when they mobilised GH¢610 to pay for the tuition fee of a 2008 old boy, who gained admission to read a bachelor degree in business administration at the University of Ghana, Legon.

Nana Akuoko Sarpong, Omanhene of Agogo Traditional Area and member of Council of State, Mr N. A. Adjin Tettey, former Chairman of the Ghana Athletic Association, Mr O. N. A. Aryee, a retired Principal Training Officer of the State Construction Corporation, and Alhaji M. Billy Brimah, a member of the Council of Muslim Chiefs, were some of the big names who showed up at the homecoming.

Old boys in the fields of medicine, law, engineering, journalism and architecture were equally present.

The 81-year-old Mr Aryee, who completed Accra Academy in 1951, described the homecoming aptly as: “You have left your home and you are coming back to meet old friends, colleagues and reminisce about the old times.”

“You share experiences and make new friends. It is very important, and this year’s homecoming has been the greatest of all. I have been thrilled by the younger ones, who we were separated from about half a century ago,” he stressed.

Mr Aryee said people of his age accommodated all that the younger ones would do, because their activities reminded them (the very old ones) of their time when they were also engaged in those activities.

Mr Adjin Tettey, who was active in the coinage of the slogan “Accra Aca - Bleoo” in 1950, said the homecoming gave him the opportunity to fraternise, as it also afforded him the opportunity to know more people, who also got to know him.

Besides, he said it created a network which could assist other people to secure jobs, as a result.

The 1995/96 President of the Students’ Representative Council, Mr Raymond N. D. Larbie, said the homecoming was a source of encouragement to the younger ones to emulate the older ones who had climbed higher on the educational ladder.

Again, he said it was a joy to see the younger ones making it big in life. Mr Larbie’s appeal was for the old boys to contribute effectively towards completion of the new dormitory facility.

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