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22.07.2009 Feature Article


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Historical Data
Though our planet is rather old, the history of man inhabiting the planet earth is young. It seems the planet was made dormant some millions of years prior to the appearance of man. Prior to the emergence of man, animals such as the dinosaurs had inhabited the earth until a major catastrophe had wiped them all off the planet. This incidentally made way for our forefathers to get a place to set their feet. But since the migratory experience of African Albinos' descendants into the Northern Hemisphere, war had increased in numbers. I personally believe it was the migratory experiences of them that sparked off the major wars we have had on earth. Moreover, due to the nature of the environment the use of the brain in the service of productive thinking intensified so that men could be capable of surviving on the planet. There were a lot of problems they encountered in their new milieu. These environmental hazards were not only in the form of the extreme weather conditions, rampant volcanoes, tumultuous earthquakes, major rivers and the sea engulfing suitable land surfaces, but also these wars that somewhat took away superb civilisations from the surface of the planet. But while war remained the major catastrophe that hit hard, there were some of the first humans that as a result of the experiences of the men concerning their knowledge of distant supernatural powers misused them. Men believed that these powers had their abodes in the outer planets and could be invoked to help them in their own selfish war going. Later, wicked men as well as righteous men had utilised this imagined knowledge of gods or God to cause rampant wars on the earth to obtain their illusive wants.

The psychiatric illness politicomadness involves the excessive manner that both citizens of a particular country and its leadership become obsessed with power and superiority. The problem has been caused by primitive man in the antediluvian thinking that had surrounded the building of nations that states that, a nation that is capable of making weapons that could destroy all others is the most powerful and superior one. As a result, these barbaric wars had been utilised as mark of distinctiveness, recognition, normal manner of being civilised, and it was based on the maxim of the survival of the fittest.

The discovery of science even made it worse. With the help of science all these primitive wars became intensified on earth, as the childish manner of creating wars that could engulf the whole world became popular. World leaders capitalised on this naive approach of showing their strength and intelligence in manufacturing of deadly weapons.

But in this present modern world, it just happened that even concerning these wars that always occur in the world; a pattern of behaviour has been observed. For the overall influence (positive) in the mighty world has inverse relation with war and its dominating activities on earth, one that could be stated explicitly as the law of superiority complex. This inverse relation between influence and war could be explained like this: whenever there are more wars the influence of this particular nation will be dwindling, and alternatively whenever the influence of a particular nation is on the rise, it means this nation's activities in war is minimising.

The symptoms of the psychiatric illness of politicomadness are the intense obsession of this particular nation with power and superiority. Thus, a person standing outside would observe the manner both the leadership and its citizens conducts themselves in the affairs of the world. Political pursuits become irrational. The nation may posit itself as civilised but his ways of handling matters in the world would be observed to be primitive and barbaric. War with words, which is the normal manner, civilised nations should conduct their affairs would be seen to be entirely absent. The nation would dwell MOSTLY and purport to use ALONE primitive and barbaric manners to deal with their enemies on earth. Usually, when they return from wars, and they had succeeded in conquering their enemies, this would be seen as the general picture. It would be found out that while the whole nation would be making jubilation about their successes and conquers, there would be at the same time a sizeable number of families in this same country mourning and wailing their dead sons and daughters that went to the war and never return.

The nation would have men and women who have amputated hands and limbs. These young men and women would be made old by their appearances. There would be increased in psychiatric illnesses in the nation. Gun shooting unnecessarily would increase. There would be many divorces in the country and children would be abandoned if not properly shielded by extended families. Crime rate would go up or doubled. There is intense hate of this nation in the world, which shall continue for a foreseeable future. And like all nations that become warlike, the power of this nation would commence dwindling among his neighbours and allies that disagreed with this war. The citizens of this nation could become victims of a surprise attack.

The nation may have economic problems that would affect the whole fabric of the society. They would be made to start all over again. The party that had ruled the country prior to the unpopular war would be unpopular for at least 15 years or more.

Case Studies
There is no need to provide individual cases here. But history has shown us that whenever group of people engage in such illusory kind of superiority and maltreat other inhabitants on the earth, they become unpopular. They can be victims of future slavery that can serve this very group of nations they had maltreated for some time. Their power and influence in the world can be extinguished like the candlelight that disappears when it is burnt out. Another less powerful nation would take over or a New World order will emerge.

War going is not appropriate for the human world and therefore must be relinquished immediately! It is the introduction of good laws that are needed, and to be enforced by strong nations that believe in democracy and the rule of law. If laws were not guiding this earth that we live in and the rest of the solar system, we would have disappeared from this world long time ago. The law of gravity and the inverse square law that was discovered by Newton and Hook and other numerous laws have provided mankind the state of the world we live in. Physicists would tell us that without all these laws of nature guiding our world we would not have been happier and we shall not be here in the first place.

The world does not need leaders that maltreat other less powerful countries. This is outdated phenomenon. On the contrary, the world needs strong leaders in the world that understands the people of the world, and identifies with the people that they rule. They care less about fanatical leaders and superiority complex personalities elsewhere in the world and their wars concerning illusory superiority in the world; the wars that help them to sell their deadly weapons that have made numerous widows and orphans in the world they purport to support regularly. The former is intelligent, meticulous, and above all a human example that condones not the manipulative countries in the world that usually side with leaders that buy and use weapons in a barbaric manner to maltreat others in the world. This is the kind of leader the world prefers. But soon the illusory superiority groups shall attempt to make these particular leaders unpopular; but thank God, the world is matured and wise now. They now see what they did not see or know before.

Desmond Ayim-Aboagye (Ph.D.)
Desmond Ayim-Aboagye (Ph.D.), © 2009

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