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06.07.2009 Press Release

Devtraco Limited To Make Home Acquisition Easier

By Gloria Buckman Yankson - Devtraco Limited
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In today's economic downturn, every dollar counts: Devtraco launches new 'Cash Back & Price Protection Promo' to make home buying a little cheaper.

Leading Ghanaian real estate developer, Devtraco Limited, today announced another customer reward program which gives customers the opportunity to save up to $11,250 on every home they purchase.

The company which currently occupies the third largest real estate market share in Ghana stated that the Cash Back & Price Protection offer was its unique way of giving back to society and making home acquisition a bit easier for the average Ghanaian in light of the global economic downturn.

In a statement issued by the Head of Corporate Affairs and Marketing, Gloria Buckman Yankson, she stated: “2009 represents a significant milestone in the company's sixteen year history and further signifies the company's evolution to a customer oriented residential property solutions platform. This evolution will allow Devtraco to be better recognized for our contribution to the real estate industry in Ghana”.

The company announced that as part of this promotion they had partnered with GLICO General to offer all home buyers a free 12 month comprehensive home insurance policy from July 2009. All customers will further receive a $3,500 cash back reward towards the purchase of their home plus free price protection worth $5,000.

Gloria added: “Devtraco has undergone significant change. We launched our new brand promise: “Quality. Elegance. Perfection. Devtraco.” earlier this year. This tagline is the company's unique brand promise and is designed to communicate what drives Devtraco as a company. Our mission at Devtraco has always been to find and drive the next leap ahead – to deliver the finest in real estate housing, products and execution in Ghana – to continuously challenge the status quo. It's about using Devtraco to make property acquisition better and more convenient for every Ghanaian.”

Devtraco Limited is committed to delivering value to customers. Additional information about Devtraco is available at

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