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30.06.2009 NPP News

NPP should forget 2012 –NDC chairman declares

NPP should forget 2012 –NDC chairman declares
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If what the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Daniel Anang is saying, is anything to go by, then the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) must indeed strive to put their house together, before the year 2012 approaches.

He believes the NPP, as a party, has no chance to come to power anytime from now, since Ghanaians have lost confidence in them.

This, according to him, was evident in what he described as 'the loot and mess' the party caused the country before they handed over the reigns of government to they in the NDC.

He wondered what informed claims and the belief of some members of the NPP that their party would be returned to power by the year 2012, stressing: “it is either they are living in dreamland, or reeling under the shadows of what I call wishful thinking, so they should stop dreaming and accept the reality that they are far from coming back to power in 2012.”

The Regional Chairman made these comments in an interview with the Chronicle on Saturady.

“What makes them think they are coming back, the think they can use the six months that we have been in power to judge our four-years mandate?” he asked rhetorically, saying “Ghanaians are not fools, okay! Well, we live to see.”

Whilst he admits that things are currently difficult in the country, he noted that the existing situation in Ghana was not the making of the NDC, but the NPP, which virtually left the country in a state of bankruptcy, with a huge debt and deficit to service.

That notwithstanding, he indicated that President Mills and his government would give Ghanaians reason to retain the NDC in power after the first four-years mandate, for them to go the full eight-year stretch and beyond.

Mr. Anang thus saw the NPP's claim as a mere rhetoric, which, in his opinion, is far from reaching, saying, “it is always easier to say I can do this, I can do that. They should have done it when they were in power.'

Asked why he was confident his party, the NDC, would go beyond the four-year mandate given them by Ghanaians, the Regional Chairman said: “because we would ensure to repair the damages they caused to Ghanaians, and lead Ghanaians to the road to prosperity.”

“We are saying they have damaged the economy, and we are repairing it, would do it, and as we promised Ghanaians, we said that prosperity for all, we said we create an enabling environment, and we said we would create jobs for all. We are sure of fulfilling those four-pronged promises, and once we are able to do this, what makes you think Ghanaians want them to come back,” he emphasised.

He thus noted: “we are sure to do that excellently within the four years, and that is what would propel to the eight years and beyond.”

For this reason, Mr. Anang believes the NPP should forget election 2012, and rather focus their attention on sealing the seeping cracks and holes in the party, which has been created by internal bickering.

He has thus given the party a liberal and unsolicited advice to try and put their house in order, and do an introspection of itself before thinking of either winning or coming to power in the year 2012, when the next elections would be held.

It is therefore his belief that the 2012 election was out the question for the NPP, since it does not have what it takes to return to power now.

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