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25.06.2009 Press Release


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The Africa Mentor Network Inc. is here and it's all about “Africa helping Africans”!

“Africa Helping Africans” - The Africa Mentor Network Inc. is a 501C3 recognized tax exempt not-for-profit Organization has been set up to serves all of Africa. This organization was made for Africa by Africans – “We have a voice too!' The Africa Mentor Network Inc. was founded based on a simple idea of helping the African youth to help themselves through mentoring and networking. Everyone needs a mentor in his or her life. Every young person at a point in time needs some guidance or help in their personal and career decisions. The future of the younger generation of Africans can be improved if the older generation takes the responsibility of helping and guiding them towards the right path. Africa has all the resources needed to help motivate and inspire the younger generation to create an awareness for themselves, and to help them realize their full potentials to advance in their social, educational and economic opportunities. The President of this wonderful initiative is Esi Yankah, a Ghanaian citizen and a final year graduate student.

“The Mission of the Africa Mentor Network Inc. (TAMN) is to trigger the "Can do" buzz in the lives of Africans by creating and connecting a grassroots' network of positive role models, leaders and individuals who are passionate about Africa and its development to help shape the lives of the younger generation of Africans through a thorough, measurable, and effective long term mentoring program...It's all about who you touch!”

“The Vision of The Africa Mentor Network Inc. (TAMN) is to be the largest network of Mentors for Africans who will help develop individuals to create awareness for themselves to improve and advance their social, educational and economic opportunities.”

Looking at the needs of the African youth, The Africa Mentor Network Inc. was founded. The programs the organization is working to implement include Mentoring programs, Motivational speakers program, and the “Educate me” Scholars program.

The Africa Mentor Network Inc. (TAMN) has been structured to operate only in African countries. The program will begin and be launched in Ghana, West Africa in August 2009 and expand to other African countries. There will be an exciting launching event, which will be announced by the end of June 2009.

The Africa Mentor Network Inc. is currently accepting donations and sponsorships from generous individuals and corporations. Donations can also be made through their website.

If you'd like more information about this organization or to schedule an interview with Esi Yankah, email [email protected]. Visit their website and join them on facebook.

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