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18 June 2009 | Business & Finance

Guinness Expands Achimota, Kaasi Breweries

Times Reporter -

Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL), has expanded its Achimota in Accra and Kaasi in Kumasi operations with significant investments in capacity and utilities upgrade as well as waste water treatment.

Consequently, the company has decided to stop operating from the Ahinsan site in Kumasi by the end of this month.

Commenting on the issue, the Managing Director, Mr. Seni Adetu said, “Guinness Ghana Breweries' vision is to be the most celebrated business in Ghana.

By this, we are intent at being the employer of choice, delivering superior shareholder returns and being a force for good.”   

He continued, “a key enabler to realising this vision is the need to step-change our supply footprint and this entails balancing capability across our operating sites to constantly meet increasing demand, stepping up our operating performance and embedding a safety culture across the organisation.”

In the last two years, the company has invested over 23 million pounds in expansion and capacity upgrade in both the Kaasi and Achimota facilities.  

“As a result, GGBL's plan is to re-assign a significant number of the Ahinsan team into roles at the Kaasi and Achimota breweries. 

For the few staff that may not be re-absorbed into the business, severance packages are being worked out as appropriate,” a GGBL statement said.  

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the mashing of the final brew at Ahinsan, GGBL Supply Director, Dr. Tony Joyce, thanked everyone of the Ahinsan team for their contributions, noting the high quality of output and praising the general teamwork.  

Dr Joyce continued, “GGBL from a production of capacity of 1.5 million hector-litres using three sites will now produce volumes of 1.7 million hector-litres from the upgraded

Achimota and Kaasi sites.”  
In the meantime, GGBL will continue to operate as normal in all its sites, Ahinsan inclusive, the stat

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