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13.06.2009 Press Release

Old Abuscodians Special Homecoming 2009.

By Daniel Danquah Damptey
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SATURDAY 13th June 2009 promises to be an epoch making day in the annals of Abuakwa State College, Kibi. It is on this day that former students from within and outside the country will congregate at the Great Hall of the school. It will be some sort of a pilgrimage but one with a difference. Unlike Chaucer's pilgrims who went to Canterbury with different tales the pilgrims this time are united and resolved in one thing - To give out part of what the school has imparted to them.

It is on this day that the students will re-enact some of the great events which made Abuakwa State College a household name in the fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties.

Talk about Founders Day and Abuscodians clad in their white bed sheets would trek to the old site which presently houses Kibi Training College. It was formerly the site of Kibi Presby Women's Training College.

Saturday's entertainment was an area where some students were at their best elements. There were variety entertainment, film shows and records dance/night. We all remember good old Oduro Antwi, Assistant Headmaster 'digging it out' with his female partner during one of such nights. His intricate steps on the dancing floor mesmerized everybody. There was the History master, Mr. Timothy Sola Akinola and his 'Aboa nua' utterance during one inter-house sports competition. What about old Sam and his Latin? Mr. Gaba, the French tutor, nko?

Then, there was Homos Night. On this particular day, all new students referred to as Homos and Homowaas would put on their white bed sheets and use the pillow case as turban. Some funny antics reminiscent of good old Bob Cole was exhibited on such occasions, example, using “tapoli” as bow tie. It was on that day that new students were initiated into the student body. No one was officially recognized as a student unless he had gone through such ritual.

And what about Abusco gods? A night was set aside as a day when all the many gods in and around the school would descend on the entire campus to cause havoc and woe betide any stubborn student who dare go out after light out. The most fearsome of them all was the 'antontam sea god'. We cannot talk about the kitchen without making reference to Maame Akoto and Shimboloo and Onipa Nua. The last two were pantry boys. Those were some of the people who made students feel a sense of belonging in those days. There was also Miss Agatha Harrison, Domestic Bursar. 'Agatha, ma me me kosua, matua forty-four' (Please, Agatha, give me my egg for I have paid forty four cedis) School fees during out time was forty-four cedis.

When it came to sports, Abusco's name could be found among the best six schools in the country. The school was once the National Hockey Champion. That was the year we held Ghana Police Hockey Team to a one-one draw. Players who distinguished themselves in that game were Kani Twumasi (Goalkeeper) Antony Ayim and Douglas Owardie. Fredua Agyemang Kwadwo also represented the country in the pole vault event for many years. The current Okyenhene, Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin II became the Eastern Region Table Tennis Champion when he beat reigning champion, Bartels of Sutesco.

A funny incident involving a student, Daniel Danquah Damptey and the Physics master, Mr. Avotri, patron of the Scripture Union is worth recounting. The topic being treated in class was Evaporation. Damptey decided to be a little bit mischievous. “Sir, you said if you put water on fire, it reduces in quantity. Okay. If you prepare your soup and put it on fire, it also reduces in quantity. Does it mean that God had drunk the soup?”

He had touched on a raw nerve. “Damptey, stand up! Have we mentioned the Headmaster's name?” No! answered Damptey timidly. Then more questions. “Have we mentioned the Prime Minister's name? What about the President? We have not mentioned any of the above names. How much more that of God? You must talk sense. A blasphemer, a non-entity and an atheist! Bow down your head in shame and pray to God for forgiveness”. With that he collected his books and stormed out of the class

All these and many other events would be re-enacted when the old students and many distinguished personalities congregate at Abuakwa State College come, this Saturday.

Activities lined up for the day include:
1. Formation and inauguration of active year Groups and Regional Branches.

2. Induction of council of Distinguished Alumni (CODA) members

3. Election of new National Executive Council

4. Appeal for funds in aid of Assembly Hall Project

5. Inter-Year Group football Gala
6. Special Cocktail and Luncheon.
Former tutors of the school including the current Minister of Agriculture Mr. Kwesi Ahwoi will grace the occasion.

This special meeting of the Old Students Association tagged “Homecoming 2009” promises to be “egg citing”

Daniel Danquah Damptey

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