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28.05.2009 Feature Article

Akufo Addo 'buckled' on Tuesday

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God has granted Nana Kofi Koomson's prayers by preventing Akufo Addo from becoming the president of Ghana. For this reason, Kofi Koomson had a deep sleep and woke up last Monday to inform us that, Akufo Addo was going to 'tackles' Mills Tuesday.

According to The Chronicle, Nana Addo is not enthused about the governance of the country under the leadership of President Mills, especially the way and manner NPP officials are being vilified, instead of focusing on the real issues that confront the nation. How could Akufo Addo be enthused when the new government is talking crime, drug dealing, corruption etc?

Still limping from the 'election bruises' he sustained from the 2008 election and liking his wounds of his arrogance, Akufo Addo appeared his 'usual best' with lies, empty vitriolic and instigating his thugs. Akufo Addo still does not accept that, he has no credentials that would attract the ordinary Ghanaian to consider him as a leader of our dear country. He always thought he was born to rule hence there was no need for him to proof his ability to do anything, just look back and see how hopeless he was as a minister of state.

Akufo Addo had the guts to comment on the death of Ya Na, a case in which he personally exhibited gross incompetence by filling the wrong cases in court and the eventual collapse of the case. The NPP rejected him at their intra party congress, Ghanaians rejected him during the National elections, and all that is left for him is to continue blaming President Kufour.

We are still waiting on him to comment on his views about the dangers of use and peddling of narcotic drugs. Now that Ghanaians have taken a bold step to stem the menace of narcotic drugs bequeathed to us by the previous NPP government, there he goes again waffling. Why did he not congratulate President Mills for making positive strides against the drug menace?

We want to know his views on the 'sea of corruption' some of his colleagues are swimming in, the alleged stolen cars, properties, cash etc.

Ghana under President Mills is moving on, we are uniting the country, restructuring our institutions to be fit for purpose, tackling corruption and crime, investing in the people.

I would urge President Mills to make sure the NDC abide by the tenets of social justice and retrieve all stolen state properties whether they are being hidden on farms, under their beds or even if they have swallowed them.

Nana you have buckled on Tuesday, keep limping, Alan is getting ready for you.

God Bless Us All.

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Kwame Agbodza
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