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18.05.2009 South Africa

Zimbabwe's MDC seeks African help

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The party of Zimbabwean PM Morgan Tsvangirai has urged African leaders to help resolve problems within the unity cabinet with President Robert Mugabe.

The Movement for Democratic Change wants the African Union and the SADC, a southern Africa body, to intervene.

Long-time rivals Mr Tsvangirai and Mr Mubage agreed in February to form a power-sharing government.

But differences remain over key issues such as the posts of central bank governor and attorney general.

"The national council has resolved that all outstanding issues be referred to SADC (Southern African Development Community) and the African Union," the MDC said in a statement, following a meeting on Sunday.

The party also urged Zimbabwe's state media to "reform and report equally and fairly in line with the global political agreement".

The AU and SADC as well as President Mugabe are yet to publicly comment on the MDC's appeal.

Zimbabwe's power-sharing deal was aimed at resolving a plethora of political issues and reviving the crippled economy, which has left most Zimbabweans in poverty.

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