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Conference on Ecosystem launched

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Accra, May 15, GNA – An International symposium on the need to correct the imbalances in the ecosystems around the world and putting the human existence in danger was on Friday launched in Accra.

The four day-symposium scheduled for July 20-23 would be organized by the Valley View University (VVU) in collaboration with the German Ministry of Education and Research would be a call for a rethinking of how nations, institutions and individuals could evolve sustainable ecological friendly ways of dealing with the challenges of climate change, population growth, expansion of urban slums and rural migration.

Under the theme; “Harmonious Ecosystem for a Bright future - Success Pathways to Sustainability in Africa,” the event is a joint research and development programme dubbed: “ecological development of VVU” which ends in 2009.

The symposium will therefore showcase the final experiences and result of the project; and serve as a platform for dialogue for the establishment of sustainable solutions elsewhere.

Dr Daniel Opoku Boateng, Vice President for Students' Life and Services, VVU said the institution and it German partners were convinced that by sharing their know-how and collective wisdom, “we will create visions and ways of replicating the successful story of VVU's attempt at creating a better world where human can co-exist for the mutual benefit of all.

It would also serve as an opportunity for the out-dooring of VVU's rainwater storage, tree planting and Baobab Centre for eco-studies- another project being funded under the Climate Change of the German Government.

He noted that an imbalanced ecosystem, often arising out of human activities result in polluted air and water bodies, floods, diseases, wastes, degradation of the environment among other things.

The symposium, he said, would also serve as an opportunity for the out-dooring of VVU's rain water storage, tree planting and Baobab Centre for eco studies, another project being funded under climate Change initiative of German government.

Mr. Opoku Boateng noted that VVU's educational philosophy is to train students to acquire the sensibility and appreciation for the conservation of nature and humans.

As part of the Ecological Master Plan, recycling and reuse of waste water, urine and organics as fertilizer and soil conditioner on farmlands and biogas for energy being implemented at VVU were testimonies to what the university had achieved so far, he added.


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