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15.05.2009 Education

Forum On The Duration Of Senior High School Programme To Be Held

By ISD (Thomasia Kimura)
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The Minister for Education, Mr Alex Tettey-Enyo has stated at a press briefing in Accra yesterday that his Ministry is making preparations to hold a National Education Forum on the duration of Senior High School (SHS) programme.

The two day Forum which is scheduled for 27th and 28th May, 2009, is on the theme; 'Reaching a consensus on the duration of Senior High School for affordable quality education.'

Mr Tettey-Enyo said the concept of the duration of the SHS Programme has generated debates in several circles over a long period and this needs to be looked at.  'As part of Government's pledge to ensure that all Ghanaians enjoy affordable and quality education among other things, it is necessary that the duration of the SHS programme be revisited to reach a consensus,' he indicated.

The Minister noted that the last two Governments have offered Ghanaians the opportunity to provide inputs into the determination of the system of education desired, but the position of the people's mandate has been received with misgivings. 'This justifiably explains why the debate on the duration of SHS continues unabated', he stressed.

He added that, there will be presentations by Ghanaian educationists to provide a historical perspective of the National Education Forum of 1999 and the 2002 Presidential Education Reform Review Committee's Reports. The issue of whether the senior high school duration should be 3 or 4 years will be critically addressed.

Mr Tettey-Enyo said he has tasked an 11-member committee, chaired by Dr Stephen Ayidiya of the University of Ghana, with the responsibility of planning and organising the National Education Forum.

Approximately 700 participants representing a broad spectrum of stakeholders including all registered political parties, eminent educationists, NGOs, chiefs, heads of schools, the media, students groups, civil society organisations, members of Parliament, unionised groups, development partners as well as the public at large, are expected to take active part in this forum.

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