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15.05.2009 Regional News

Koforidua hunts sex girl

By Daily Guide
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FOLLOWING DAILY GUIDE's publication on a sex scandal involving a 'Koforidua Flower' and a dark African widely rumoured to be a student from a neighbouring country yesterday, the 'flowers' in Koforidua are scampering for cover because the publication mentioned that many ladies in the Eastern regional capital have fallen prey to this 'commercial sex act'.

DAILY GUIDE also learnt that the regional office of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) had launched investigations into the scandal to possibly arrest the guy involved and help preserve the “sanctity” of the Ghanaian womanhood.

Yesterday, the girl who was suspected by many people to be the first girl in the 'porno' story, came out publicly to deny that she was the one, even though the girl in the film bore striking resemblance to her.

She stormed the studios of Eastern FM, a local radio station on Wednesday evening to prove her innocence after the host of the evening drive brought the matter up on air for discussion.

According to our sources, the girl swore heaven and earth that she was not the one in the video clip because the girl in the film had a protruding buttocks which she did not have.

Meanwhile, DAILY GUIDE has stumbled upon another video clip which was retrieved from the internet, involving another 'Koforidua flower' and the same man.

The sex act, which was being filmed by a third party, took place in the same room and on the same bed with the same bed sheet.

This second lady, who might also be around 25 years, looked drugged and was laughing most of the time during the act, as the guy performed the sex act, this time without a condom.

One could see after the video clip on the second lady that the act was purely for commercial purposes and that big amounts of money might be involved.

Some of the people who had so far seen the second clip claimed that the woman was also another familiar face in Koforidua who once worked at a restaurant.

DAILY GUIDE can also say that the guy involved, intentionally came to Koforidua to lure the ladies into this despicable act and shot the video clips for commercial purposes.

It also found out that the guy could not be a student of All Nations University as being speculated in town.

When DAILY GUIDE visited the central campus of the university yesterday, students were seen in groups discussing the matter and expressing disgust and anger because their school was being associated with the despicable act.

The university authorities were also very angry and disassociated the school from such a despicable act which had attracted mass condemnation.

Meanwhile, many ladies at Koforidua are fuming over the sex scandal and have threatened to go on a demonstration against 'foreigners' who want to take undue advantage of them.

“We have our dignity to protect as Koforidua flowers,” the ladies told DAILY GUIDE in a random interview.

Now, ladies at Koforidua are more cautious as they even do not speak to their male counterparts because they are afraid they could be secretly filmed even as they stand to speak with a man.

So if you are a man who plans to come to Koforidua to 'pluck' some 'flowers', then forget it because the ladies are now wide awake.

From Thomas Fosu Jnr, Koforidua

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