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14.05.2009 Technology

Ellembele MP launches Ellembele MP launches … GH¢40,000 laptops, printers for Kangbunli community

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THE Member of Parliament (MP) for the Ellembele Constituency, Mr. Emmanuel Armah Kofi-Buah, has launched an Information and Communication Technology ICT project in his constituency.

The project, which comprises of free computer education for school children, available internet facilities, and communication technology, he said, was to upgrade the knowledge of his constituents in ICT.

He said also that it would also build their capacity on global information among others. According to the dynamic MP, it was also geared towards connecting the entire constituency to the rest world.

For a start, Mr. Kofi-Buah, touted as a development oriented legislator, over the weekend launched the project at Kangbunli, and provided the community with 40 laptop computers, three printers, and an additional three personal computers with accessories. He also added a 21-inch colour television. In all, the items cost the MP GH¢40,000.

He announced that all other communities in the constituency would benefit from the initiative dubbed 'Computer Education Development Initiative (CEDI).'

"I think that the time that politicians will say things during elections and forget about it is over. We have said that we are going to make sure that people of Ellembele, who have been deprived for so long, are finally getting the kind of leadership that they deserve," he said.

Mr. Kofi-Buah also gave his word on his determination to see the project through, saying “I am so determined that there will be computer centers spread throughout my constituency. I am excited that there are a lot of people in this constituency who are determined to support this laudable project.”

The MP told the constituents that the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) centers would form an important component and integral part of the constituency development process, as it would afford the constituents a chance to communicate with the rest of the world.

Where necessary, he said, it would afford them the opportunity to learn, receive knowledge, validation of programmes, thereby contributing to the development of the constituency.

The project consultant revealed that all the communities in the constituency were to be mapped into zones.

The consultant working on the project was also introduced by the MP to the Kangbunli community, to give them the assurance of the provision of internet facilities.

"The whole constituency is going to be connected through an internet facility, which forms part of the CEDI. I want the children of this constituency to be as good as the children anywhere in the world. We are in a global village, and under no circumstance should we give excuses that we cannot compete,” he stressed. Mr. Kofi-Buah explained further that among the reasons why the computer centers would serve the interest of the communities in his constituency, included the promotion of education, business growth, and the enhancement of information and communication growth.

“Once you are connected to the rest of the world, you can even get scholarship by sitting right here in Ellembele, through the internet, Kofi-Buah added.

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