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07.05.2009 General News

Streetlights on during day

By Naa Betty Nelson - Ghanaian Chronicle
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As the Accra File complained about some malfunctioning streetlights in the city, and alerted the authority in charge to attend to that, another thing comes up in the same direction as the streetlights are surprisingly still on during the day, and sometimes off in the night.

It is sad to drive around the city of Accra during the day, only for you to notice that most streetlights are still on.

One can safely concluded that this attitude is one of the strongest contributory factors to why most of the lights get burnout early.

But in some areas of Accra, streetlights are photo-reactive. Those lights come on and go off according to the amount of sunlight available.

So why don't authorities in charge change the manual system of turning om some of the streetlights to improve upon their functions.

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