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26.04.2009 Letter

Letter to the IGP

By Randy Akorsah (A legal Practitioner)
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Hello Madam IGP,

I am a legal practitioner based in Takoradi and I wish to draw your attention to a very worrying and devastating situation currently prevailing at the DOVVSU division of the Ghana police in Takoradi.

The basic problem is that, the conduct and actions of the unit commander ASP Cecilia Arko has resulted in the breakdown of several marriages in the metropolis.

ASP Cecilia Arko openly demonstrates her feminist bias to very horrifying levels, such that married men have lost confidence in her and the unit in handling marital problems. She exhibits her feminist bias such that female complainants have gained notoriety towards their husbands.

Examples of her biases include the following:
(a) ASP Cecilia Arko connives with some of the female complainants to trap their husbands. This sometimes is in the form of catching the man with another woman.

She quickly gets the man arrested and then coerces him to pay compensations to the woman or face the courts. Due to the fear of facing the courts which might lead to stiffer punishment, the men pay the compensations which sometimes run into several millions of cedis.

This in the long term results in the dissolution of the marriage.

(b) My actual problem as a legal practitioner is the manner in which Cecilia insults lawyers within the metropolis and go further to attack judges whose dispensation of justice does not go the way she dire.

She on one occasion openly insulted a lawyer who came to the DOVVSU office in pursuit of a case.

She stampedes the courts to get the verdicts most of the time in favour of the female in the case.

Almost all judges in the metropolis are complaining bitterly about her behaviour towards the courts.

At the time of writing, I learnt there was a blow-out between her and a judge in the regional commander's office. She is just arrogant.

It is unfortunate that, Cecilia sees nothing wrong with a woman who refuses to cook for the husband whilst there is money at home. She normally says” if your wife refuses to cook for even a year, that doesn't constitute a crime at all, she is not your slave”. This she said to a male complainant whose lazy and arrogant wife reported him after a quarrel. This has made female complainants very arrogant even whilst in court. I personally witnessed one whilst I was the lawyer of the man in the case.

She makes the women who visit her to believe that, there is no difference between a man and a woman and that women are not obliged to do house chores nor respect their husbands.

Her actions have made women in the metropolis believe that they can misbehave towards their husband because if they come to DOVVSU they would definitely win the case.

These actions of Cecilia have resulted in more than 15 broken marriages, my investigation has revealed.

She also takes pride in dragging popular men to court should the little misunderstanding ensue between the man and his wife.

Cecilia has completely turned the Takoradi DOVVSU into a haven for women and a hell for men.

Finally she harasses the men she works with. She insults them at will and makes every man around her feel very uncomfortable.

Madam IGP as a lawyer I would like to appeal to you to intervene and remove Cecilia from that rather sensitive position so that we would save the remaining marriages. We as lawyers don't feel comfortable at the court when handling domestic issues any longer.

To authenticate my version of the story, please do speak to the officers whom she works with and you would get more revelations even more serious ones.

They may plead anonymity so please do allow them to.

Please do help our marriages.
Please help us to discharge our duties in a serene atmosphere.

Thank you.
From: Randy Akorsah (A legal Practitioner)

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