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21.04.2009 Crime & Punishment

Sakawa rocks Weija with coffin and blood

By Daily Guide
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Residents of the Ghana Industrial and Commercial Estates Limited (GICEL) township near the Old Kasoa Barrier at Weija in the Greater Accra Region say the estates is virtually under siege as several dozens of youth, neck deep in ritual performances and blood money, have taken over the place.

The youth, allegedly from Agona Swedru in the Central Region of Ghana, who have invaded the area in recent months, have used a particular house as haven and operation room where bizarre items, including a coffin, blood-stained materials and red cloths are kept.

Residents say they have on countless occasions seen half-naked youth carry coffins on their shoulders parading the estates at certain unholy hours of the night, not only reciting certain incantations, but also performing some chilling rituals at every junction and crossroad.

A week-long investigation conducted by DAILY GUIDE indicates that the coffin used for the chilling ritual is kept in a white house with green gate located at Mandela Number 2, directly opposite the Calvary Baptist Church and Christ Victory School.

The residence, which is home to about 15 boys, all between the ages of 17 and 20, is also close to House Number 230. It is, however, not numbered.

Midnight after midnight, residents have peeped through their windows and seen the young boys, half-naked, doing a forward and backward march with the coffin.

“Wherever they performed the ritual, they left behind a red cloth with certain strange objects in it,” one of the residents told this paper.

The paper gathered that the 'coffin house' is owned by a woman who resides overseas, and that she had allowed her nephew and his cronies to occupy it, thereby transforming it into a shrine or voodoo house.

Rituals for making blood money, popularly known as 'Sakawa,' have become the craze for many Ghanaian youth, to the extent that many of them reportedly sleep in coffins for days for fortification.

Even though it was initially confined to internet fraudsters, 'Sakawa' soon got more weird and bloody, with a number of young people killing close relatives to make money.

As at the time of filing the story, many residents of GICEL estates say they are avoiding the 'coffin house' for obvious reasons, and stress they would not advise any of their relatives to go close the house, let alone enter it.

By Bennett Akuaku

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