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14.04.2009 Feature Article


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Having made it clear that we expect to see these two institutions be given a new locality outside the capital city, how will Accra look like without them? It would be a day of rejoicing when these two offices are no longer in the city of Accra, and it would be a day of sadness for many; as many ordinary people would think back what it has been like when the whole region caused fear and memories of gun thunders as the numerous coup de' tat kept people from going out when they had wished. Some would mourn their husbands or wives, children, grandparents, Markola market friends, etc. It would also mark the first beginning of real liberation from oppression by the very people from institutions that should have served as security officers for the nations instead of being functioned as prison warders. Also, we can confidently say that there shall never be any coup de' tat in the country. And as for this we are capable of asserting that because of the series of developments that had already been initiated by the previous governments and the general readiness of the Ghanaian people that, any future attempt by any group of people be it soldiers or factions, would be met with protest and the sacrifice of the blood of majority who believe that the people of Ghana deserve better than these barbaric maltreatment of the people by those who know nothing about democracy and how to govern.

In the first place, politicians would feel the ease to conduct their business in a civilised manner in a civilised society, for the majority of Ghanaians are aware that Ghanaians are very tolerant people to deal with. They do not need soldiers to control their activities and they shall not also distract these noble men and women who will be dealing with our economy, domestic issues, and future lives when we retire from the public service. Politicians will therefore be confident and have the everlasting assurance that Ghana has really put all those years of military conflicts that had kept ignorance military politicians to humiliate them and make the economy worsen behind. The worry of being met with guns, suddenly, to follow so and so Major General or Lieutenant Colonel to his car will be over. The numerous security officers would be reduced drastically. No longer will Honourable Judges of our famous courts disappear from their houses because of the barbaric behaviour of a certain group that (has never known) know nothing of democracy and respect of this higher office that has blessed mankind since antiquity. It would be a day that Queen Victoria of England's saying would be once more fulfilling and meaningful: this is a society of neat and orderly people; “their city is the garden city of Africa.”

There shall not be many military cars passing around as if we are still in the First and Second World War era. These images, in fact, do not make many foreigners also feel at ease at all. It makes the city not tidy at all because it brings to mind that we are living in a military zone, somewhere in Iraq or Afghanistan. But my questions to Ghanaians and their politicians are: why have we allowed this to go on and on for all these years? Didn't you know that whenever you give weapons to people that become hungry they would by all means utilise them for stealing when they are hungry? Come and travel here with me in Europe and continue to the USA and tell me where in these continents do we have military installations being place in the capital city except those places where there are wars going on. Let us be the people that criticise each other so that things will be changed regularly or function properly in our society.

As soon as these service men vacate out from these places in the city, we shall have enough room to build modern monumental apartment buildings that do not take a large piece of land. We could, for example, ask many of the Akan-Gas living in Labaadi and some places in the city where it is not healthy to live to move in into some of these buildings. Especially, everybody that has a job and is over 21 with children should be capable of obtaining one of these flats. We can plan this city again and Accra will look beautiful and those places that lie around the sea could be developed for tourists. We shall have very nice complex buildings both offices (skyscrapers) and modern hotel buildings.

As we have mentioned already in the previous article, the Regional depots should remain, for example, Adabraka Police, Madina Police, Texano Police, and etc including a segment of the military that will be stationed at Accra, a little bit outside the city. But as for the Ghana Navy, it is good it remains because of Tema Harbour and Accra metropolitan itself which has a long coast to guard. The rest of Ghana Armed Force, including its high command should be at the centre of the country and should have Sunyani as their capital, a very good strategic place. Also the city of Ho in the Volta Region should be devoted to the Ghana Police who could occupy there with other different units.

Any military officer or Police that wants to be promoted higher one needs not make a coup de' tat to get to the Golden Jubilee House, go to these various cities and show your credentials including your education and experience so that you can be promoted as Flight Lieutenant so and so or General so and so. The Golden Jubilee House is for any citizen born by Ghanaian parents who have demonstrated that he/she has education and the quality of leadership and experience to rule and contribute to the New or modern Ghana.

By Desmond Ayim-Aboagye

Desmond Ayim-Aboagye (Ph.D.)
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