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09.04.2009 NPP News

'NPP constitution needs amendment'

By The Statesman
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A member of the New Patriotic Party, Chief Daniel Bugri Naabu has proposed to the National Executive Council, National Council of Elders and the Constitutional and Legal Committee of the party to amend some portions of the NPP constitution, especially the parts governing the election of both regional and national executives of the party.

He suggested that, the article be amended to allow only the national and regional chairmanship positions of the party to be contested for while the other executive positions of the party including the Secretary, Organiser, Youth Organiser, Women Organiser and the Treasurer are appointed by the Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman, 2nd Vice Chairman, 3rd Vice Chairman in consultation with the Council of Elders and the Appointment Committee of the party.

This, he said, will improve the working relationship between the chairman and other executives of the party to propagate and execute party programmes and policies.

He added that, this will provide the opportunity to assess the performance of the party executives.

He however wants elections at the constituency level to remain the same as it is now in the party's constitution.

According to Mr Bugri Naabu, if only the chairman"s position are vied for, both in the national and regional level, it will not only help the smooth running of the party's offices but will harmonise and strengthen the relationship of his executives, which invariably will be translated to other structures of the party country-wide.  

Mr. Bugri Naabu said, though the Chairman has been the head of the party, however, there is always the problem of who is answerable to whom in the executive body, since all the executives are voted for by the delegates of the party.

"They are seen to be doing different work altogether, instead of the other way round, where the Chairman instructs and it is executed in conformity with the ideals and programmes of the party. It's time we begin to see these offices just like any other institute and put things as it is for a benefit of achieving our ultimate goal”.

He argues further, “Both the national and regional executives should be seen working hard towards future elections, and this amendment can check that, so that if some executives of the party are not performing there will be the need to replace such non-performing party officials and appoint someone who can perform.

“Until this is done executives of the party will continue to grow horns and do things to the detriment of the party”.   

Looking to the future, Mr Bugri Naabu that the party needed to re-organise and re-strategise as soon as possible to have ample time to contest and win the 2012 and any other elections

“We must all be seen working to re-structure, reform, re-strategise and consolidate our party's fortunes to win all future elections”.

He suggested that the party organises an “all interactive forum” on all structures of the party to deliberate on problematic issues and address them.

“The party must involve everybody including TESCON members and other youth wings of the party”.

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