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31 March 2009 | Education

A social worker calls for re-introduction of mass education


Mr Anthony Bruce Bodjah, a retired Principal Development Officer of Department of Community Development, has called for the re-introduction of the mass education concept to enlighten Ghanaians on government policies and programmes especially at the grassroots.

He said ethnic conflicts, poor sanitation, high illiteracy rate, poor

education on government policies and programmes had resulted in apathy in the society.

Mr Bodjah, speaking to Ghana News Agency in Accra on Tuesday, said the absence of community workers to tackle these issues through mass education had made the people not to contribute meaningfully to the development of their communities.

“We need Assistant Community Development Officers who would live with the people and train them to be worthy citizens. We still have to grapple with some health problems which could be averted when they really understand issues like personal hygiene,” he added.


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