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31 March 2009 | General News

Minister cries over indiscipline among youth

Minister cries over indiscipline among youth

The Eastern Regional Minister, Mr. Samuel Ofuso-Ampofo, has bemoaned the indiscipline that is fast growing into the moral fabric of Ghanaian youth, particularly pupils and students across the country, in recent times.

“If our pupils and students are not groomed properly to fight the canker of indiscipline, which is fast growing into the moral fabric of every society, the issue of producing credible leaders to steer the affairs, and usher the country into a middle income status, would be a mirage,” he stressed.

According to him, indiscipline had engulfed the majority of the youth today, which has led to their disregard for authority, parents, guardians and teachers in the country.

He made the observation at the 30th Anniversary celebration of the Osino Presbyterian Senior High and Technical School last Saturday.

The celebration, which was colourfully attended by parents, guardians, old students and relatives of the school children, was under the theme “Discipline – the Road Map for Future Leaders.”

He continued that it was disheartening to see Ghanaian youth dressed almost half naked, with its corresponding several promiscuous life style and addiction to pornographic materials.

“The effect of indiscipline, to a large extent, has made the youth to relax in the performance of their duties and responsibility,” he reiterated.

The Regional Minister reiterated that it would be catastrophe and suicidal if government and other stakeholders, who are supposed to shape these children, fail in their capacity to nip the situation in the bud, in order to turn the moral wheel to the advantage of the country.

He called on the youth, especially pupils and students, to take advantage of the prevailing political dispensation to remain focused and shun social vices, which could be detrimental to their achievements.

“Posterity will never forgive you if you waste the golden opportunity which is made through education, because the acquisition of knowledge will not only give a state of job replacement, but also open the door to posterity and sustainability of life,” he intoned.

In a swift turn, the Eastern Regional Minister attributed the state of indiscipline among the youth, to parents who pamper their children by giving them huge sums of money to take to school, which creates the impression that they are either equal or better than their teachers or others, peer pressure and also the lack of parental control and care.  

Mr. Ofosu-Ampofo also advised the students to marry their books, pay heed to pieces of advice, and emulate the shining examples of individuals who have contributed meaningfully to the development of the country.

The Headmaster of the school, Mr. Kwadwo Acheapong Sakyi, on his part, gave a standing ovation to the founding fathers, who through their tireless efforts established the school.

Giving a brief history of the school, he stated that the school was established in 1978, with a four unit classroom block belonging to the then Osino Presby Middle School, six teachers and 73 students.

According to him, from a humble beginning, as a village school, it could now boast of several infrastructure developments, either through internally generated funds or government-funded projects.

That notwithstanding, he bemoaned government neglect of some on-going projects, such as an 800-seating capacity assembly hall and science laboratory complex, that have been left at the mercy of the weather.

He, therefore, appealed to the government, as a matter of urgency, to exercise a sense of responsibility and belongingness, to come to the aid of the school.

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