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29.03.2009 Feature Article



The preamble of NPP Constitution states that" With faith in God, believing in the supreme dignity of man, in common BROTHERHOOD of all Ghanaians wherever they may be and in the right of every Ghanaian citizen to freedom of conscience, association and expression, we the members of the Party assembled in a National Delegate Conference on this 29th Day of AUGUST, 1998 hereby adopt unto ourselves and promulgate this Constitution."

What interests me is the word "Brotherhood" The word brotherhood I believe also applies to all brothers and sisters in the Party and not only to Ghanaian citizens. But, yet with all our believes and hopes we're strangling each other like dogs and cats. Where is the Brotherhood? We need to stop the in house fighting and seek for solutions and stand by our principles.

We need to admit and ask ourselves
(1) Do we have problems in the Party?
(2) Where are the problems?
(3) How can it be solved?.
(4) Can we honestly and squarely admit our mistakes and stop being hypocrites?
(5) Can we stop pretending nothing is there, but actually big problems exist?

To answer these questions; Yes, NPP has problems. The problems are between the two factions of UNC and PFP boys, the abundance use of money to influence votes in the Party. Yes, we can solve the problems honestly and settle the differences between the two factions (PFP and UNC gangs) or we find a new leader or perish like bunch of fools.

We need to admit that if we don't solve these problems and support one candidate, we will be in opposition for a long time to come. I am just a neutral person trying to honestly come out with some simple and common sense solutions for NPP to unify as one party. After the 1979 election and been in opposition for almost twenty something years, we finally came together in 2000 to support Kufour to win the Presidential elections. The nation was tired and wanted a change from P/NDC Government. Kufour ,a PFP person should have honestly given the baton and full support to Nana Akufo Addo, an UNC person instead of Alan K. This is the honest truth and no doubt and any nonsense about it.

Mr. Kufour should have stood 100% by Nana Akufo Addo since he conceded for him. Mr. Kufour shouldn't have manipulated Alan to that extend to split the Party. This really brings some character questions of Alan K and Mr. Kufour. Did Kufour intentionally financed Alan to lead the PFP boys to destroy Nana Akufo Addo's campaign? and why Alan used the harassment theory to split NPP? Did Kufour support Alan to use this ploy to get even with UNC from the 1977 split? To me, the answers are YES to all of them. Now, IT IS EVEN and let's bury the hatchet and move on. It's really troublesome to see how two factions in the same party believe in the same ideology go after each other like that. The evil that men do lives after them.What goes around comes around. If you started the game then you must finish it, and sometimes you reap what you sowed. Because of this nonsense, you see how Kufour is being treated as an ex-president? Sad indeed. Evil to him who evil thinks. No wonder Kufour is going through this hullabaloo and it's all of his doings.

To build a better nation and party, we need to have somebody who is creative with good vision and innovative. Does Alan have these qualifications? Well, let's look at Alan; Handsome, smart, college graduate, a lawyer, extensive experience in corporate world, a diplomat and a son of a wealthy S.K Kyeremateng who wanted to buy the past elections with money. We also need to look at the failed Ayensu Starch Factory he was in charge of. Most critical of all, a leader doesn't quit, but Mr. Alan Kyeremateng as a leader who couldn't stand a storm and ran. His resignation makes him a QUITTER.This is a sign of timidness and not bold. Does Alan meet this simple criteria of creative, good vision and innovation? To me the answer is NO. Leaders do not quit nor run. They are unifiers, team players and problem solvers.You don't change horses in the middle of a race.

Now, Let's look at Nana Akufo Addo:

With Nana Akufo Addo, you see, sometimes in life one does not need to become a President to show his greatness. Nana is a true NPPian guy from a wealthy family and a Presidential father. College graduate, smart, a diplomat, a lawyer and extensive political experience. He attempted with Kufour to become a flagbearer and got beaten. He finally got the chance to become the President of Ghana, but chose a guy who could have been his Finance Minister or head of the Economic team Bawumiah as a vice President, and got beaten in an election that anybody could have won.This is lack of vision. This means, he is not actually born to be a leader. Does Nana Akufo Addo meet the same criteria of creative, good vision and innovation? The answer is NO. But since the old boys in the Party always with the money, he will try to come back and might loose again. Nana is like Benjamin Franklin of the United States. He never became a President, but was a great Statesman. As a matter of fact, Franklin helped create United States. Fought the British and helped declare the Independence of United States. Nana reached his apex when he led the "Kumepreko Campaign" His name will always go down in the history books as a man of great virtues. But to be President I doubt it since Kufour is alive. Please don't get me wrong , he is a great man, excellent candidate, good speaker and great politician but... well, think about it yourself. Remember what NPP preamble says." In common BROTHERHOOD of all Ghanaians WHEREVER THEY MAY BE and in the right of every Ghanaian citizen to freedom of conscience,.......". What happened to the Forty four Ghanaians who suffered and got killed in the hands of the Gambian President Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya A. J.J. Jammeh, in June 2005? Nana Akufo Addo's inability to seek justice for these Ghanaians when he was the Foreign Minister has tarnished Nana's diplomatic reputation. Even though he tried all he could but met a dead end. How do we trust him with twenty something millions of Ghanaians now? Excellent politician, but can he Unify the party, the Nation and rule with good vision? Some people doubt it and even think he is little bit arrogant.

I know some smart wannabee educated illiterate goon, will come on this forum to criticize my views and my honest opinions. You have the right to criticize me Mr or Mrs Booklong, but what is at stake here is the honesty to ourselves (NPP). Instead of criticizing me, bring out the ideas you have to help NPP from making the same mistakes again. I have no problem of you criticizing me, but do it constructively.

What we need is a unifier, creative, good vision and innovative leader. A person who knows how it's to be POOR. Who has been there before and can lead the party and the Nation into a unified country. I once suggested Dr. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng and almost 80% of the readers (people) agreed with me and few disagreed. I know he would be a great leader. Others thought I was campaigning for him. No. I was not. Personally I don't know Dr. Boateng, but to me he meets all the criteria of a good leader. Never met, seen nor even know how he looks just reading about him and his humility. Besides, he is not a typical and a professional politician, honest, not corrupted and by the time he learns the ropes of a corrupted politician, his time would be almost over. The country will be well situated and the party would be unified and in good hands. Anything else will send us back to the future. We need to be honest to ourselves and stop being bone heads.The truth hurts, but we should accept our mistakes and find solutions to them. The Council of Elders should settle the differences between these two groups or suspend the NPP constitution unanimously and choose a new leader. This is my honest opinion.

The two factions in the Party right now are going after each other. Meaning, each faction is going to undermine each other like they just did during the past Presidential campaign. Each group will try to put their guys in the top executive positions. Once the PFP boys did it to the UNC boys, the UNC boys will do the same thing to the PFP boys too. It becomes a vicious circle.

This does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Let's eliminate all these nonsense and decide for one good candidate to win 2012. Kufour won over Aduboahen and it can happen again. Somebody from outside can win over Nana and Alan. This will solve the inside bickering, the fighting, and eliminate the groups.

The Ashantis are asking their son Kufour to come back home even though he did nothing for them. Maybe, he should have done more to support Nana Akufo Addo and this wouldn't have happened. Nothing lasts forever and it's a shame to see an ex-president treated like this. President Mills be a good Father for all. Four years is not that far.

NEW PATRIOTIC PARTY (NPP) UNITE for your own good.

Prince Akamani

Prince Akamani
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