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28.03.2009 Religion

Snake scatters worshippers, bits Choir master Pastor

By gna
Snake scatters worshippers, bits Choir master Pastor

Just when the Mepe Presbyterian Church Choir was about closing from singing practice last Wednesday evening an ash coloured snake meandered its way into their midst sending all of them scuttling for dear live.

Mr Theophilus Mensah, Choir Master was however not lucky, the snake coiled round his left leg and bit his left toe.

The Choirmaster after freeing himself from the about 0.45 meter long snake chased it through the church pews to the Alter, where the snake turned and faced him.

Mr Mensah, unruffled by the sneaky reptile's challenge, managed to hit it with his footwear forcing it to coil in fear before he delivered the killer blow to the daring serpent.

Mr Mensah was later rushed to the hospital where he was admitted overnight for treatment.