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27.03.2009 General News

Sakawa rituals paralyses student

The aspiration of a young former student of St. Augustine's College in Cape Coast to use rituals to succeed in internet fraud, popularly called "sakawa" to enrich himself as his numerous friends have-done, has ended him cripple and dumb for disobeying the strict demands of the rituals.

The victim, Raymond Ohemenh, who completed secondary school in 2002 has suffered this disability for almost four years. He was recently saved by the intervention of a man of God, Prophet Joseph Manu a.k.a "Akora Nyame" of Miraculous Jesus Ministry.

Raymond Ohemenh was carried on shoulders to the prayer center in Koforidua by two of his friends all the way from Bukurowa, a Village in Kwahu in the Eastern Region where he was healed by the miraculous healing power of God.

The victim, who appeared repented and regretful for his action, broke down in tears, to share testimony to the large worshippers, and later spoke confidently to the New Crusading Guide.

He said in early 2003 immediately after school, he was engaged in the sale of mobile phone units at Nkawkaw when a friend in Accra visited him with a brand new car.

He noted his friend subsequently visited him with different models of cars which attracted him to find out how he had become fabulously rich within a twinkle of an eye.

He narrated further that his friend initiated him into the internet fraud (sakawa) and advised that in order to succeed to become rich like him; they have to consult a native doctor (Mallam) at Antoa - Boma, in Kwahu for some rituals to fortify him (Raymond) spiritually to defraud unsuspecting victims on the internet.

Raymond submitted that he readily agreed to his friend's directive and followed him like an "obedient sacrificial lamb" to the Mallam who prepared some substances for them and gave strict instructions on how to apply it.

"The Mallam instructed that I go to the cemetery at exactly 12 O'clock midnight and sprinkle the powered concoction on my body, some on the floor and sleep in it for about one hour", he narrated.

According to him, he was determined to perform the ritual at the cemetery but found it difficult to sleep there throughout the night as demanded by the Mallam. After failing to perform the ritual, "I did not inform the Mallam about it as well as my friend and decided to move on with my life".

Raymond recounted that his disability started one day in the morning when he suddenly felt goose pimples all over his body and realized he could not speak properly whiles instantly his whole body became cold and weak, adding that he became paralyze the next day.

He claimed that he had sought for treatment from hospitals but with no results but it was later reveal to him by a spiritualist that he was being punish for his disregard for a ritual he contracted with another spirit.

Upon this revelation, he confessed to his family about his contact with a Mallam and was carried on shoulders the Mallam who invoked certain spirits to cure him. He said all this while, his sickness has persisted until he committed himself to Jesus to heal him completely for which out of shock for his healing, he proclaimed that his renew faith in Jesus had healed him through Prophet Joseph Manu.